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Powerful magnet wind turbine industry application _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-04-07
Construction of high efficiency and strong power of the wind turbine, compared to the high performance of ferrite, it is necessary to use magnets - strength, high temperature resistant - - - - - - - - - - - - Ndfeb. Heat capacity is related to the material of it, according to the market investigation, and if the temperature higher than 160 ℃, it must use EH series of ndfeb. The ability of each type of material is different, especially the intrinsic coercive force ( Hcj) , the better material, the higher the Hcj, of course, the price also is higher. Generator with magnet, high temperature resistant generator magnetic steel figure these wedge magnets to build wind turbines have better cost performance. 16 pieces of the wedge magnets, can form a ring 12 & quot; Outer diameter & times; 6' Inside diameter & times; 1/2' Thick magnet wind power generator. Needed, of course, each wind turbine magnet is a group of a group, in terms of surface treatment, electric galvanized, nickel, nickel and copper nickel, or epoxy coating ( Nickel plating price is higher, because the more corrosion resistant, high temperature resistant) 。 Because can differ according to each product model and considering the specification is different, especially the tolerance requirement. So we dongguan card rich magnetoelectricity technology companies can private tailored to the company. Emphasis on harmony of cooperation, not just sloganeering, give us a chance, also let you more choice. Sometimes communication is necessary, one thousand we are an ideal magnet supplier you are looking for? Professional produce in the future, I accompany you to success.
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