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Powerful magnet when use need to pay attention to these problems

by:Newland     2020-04-26
Magnets in the agenda is more common in the life. Magnets in the market there are many kinds of types, such as ndfeb, ferrite, alnico, samarium cobalt, etc, these are all varieties of magnet type on the market, there must be reasonable. Powerful magnet cost performance is good, now widely in practical application is still in the contrast of a magnet. So in the process of using powerful magnets to pay attention to what? First in using powerful magnets in the working environment should pay attention to ensure that the magnet surrounding environment, powerful magnets in the market now is still of great development potential, and is a widely used. In magnet operation time to the attention of magnetic materials is neat, clean, due to the relatively poor environment of the local powerful magnets to normal operation. Because it's about the iron filings may be slightly smaller particles is still not able to adsorption to live, if the working environment is poorer the magnet will simply lose magnetism, which use shortened lifespan, so stick to the working environment clean is a major of a powerful magnet requirements. 2. This is a main point indoor environment. Usually when to retain a powerful magnet to pay attention to indoor environment, ensure indoor air dredge, and also can't choose the local storage of moist, to choose the boring environment. Powerful magnet not any request about the working environment, to indoor environment is also a request together. Its indoor environment temperature not to surpass the magnet operating temperature, about those who don't are plating commodities can appropriately apply oil, and then play the role of rust. On time to register magnet from every other sensitive magnets. And the hosting environment is to conform to the specification.
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