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Powerful magnet surface rust or peeling what reason is this? 'Magnet'

by:Newland     2020-05-02
There are a lot of customers often buy powerful magnets appeared rust, oxidation, this exactly is what reason? Two days before the said there is a customer, his before the purchase of a powerful magnet surface peeling, not long before he asked this is normal phenomenon? Is all powerful magnets hair happen? In fact is not the case, appear this kind of situation because a strong magnet on the surface of the coating processing good, this belongs to the responsibility of the factory; Another because it has been placed in a high humidity environment, and the environment of the air flow is very poor, this is not the preservation of the specification. So powerful magnets is also need to take care of, need to put it in a cool, dry place, don't cry because it is used not just temporarily shelved, may when next time out will surface will be rusted.
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