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Powerful magnet quotation why gap?

by:Newland     2020-04-10
There is some customers to inquiry, don't know what you want the magnet, the need to guide service, but most are thankless and quote the price, there is no then; Some can directly said parameters such as specifications, tolerances, and then directly to your quotation, died. Magnet manufacturers, we are sure is according to the requirements of customers to offer, really is the lowest price, the customer said a factory cost a lot less than you. But the other quote price is not the sort of brand price, it is possible that the inventory of seconds oh, but the client may, where cheaper to buy. In fact once in magnet industry generally know, the market is a vicious competition, and constantly compete on price. Not only the magnet market chaos, the prices are the same. Especially used in packing a bit more low-end magnet, he won't tube you are manufacturer, don't tube material of your product, he is your low price. Anyway, just work, out of the question you come back. He won't listen to you say a price points a points goods. Anyway goods out of the problem is not much, clearly the N35, 'dirty' manufacturer used the N28, the magnet is used in packaging, not 3 months cannot be detected, it is used internally, thoroughly with respect to OK, or anyway is FMCG, one to sell to buy is passed on to consumers. Magnet manufacturer about quotations, our prices must be real. As for the clients to accept not accept the client have any idea. Hovering magnet industry circle is so big, still want to go in real quality manufacturers. Each plant operation mode is different, also have a production cost differences, but the overall price gap is not too much. All over the sky to offer customers is to make products is useless, ten times he wouldn't be moved. Samples should have chosen to send, send to potential clients. , of course, this depends on your own is how to communicate with customers, and test the customer's sincerity. We can actually make a judge yourself! This year's business is inherently bad to do, not only your business is not good. But the whole industry is bad to do. Customer didn't choose you, also is normal, the magnet industry competition. A lot of electronics market. If the customer really want to buy material, even if your unit price high he will talk to you. If you don't even talk about the customer, directly feign death, so also need not touch him. As a salesman of a magnet is not casually offer, especially now that the market environment confusion, shoddy, and there is no specific test magnet equipment procurement, this also remind you purchase again, buy magnets must separate models, as well as the strength of the manufacturers! Magnet database on an article: the difference between the strong magnet and ordinary magnet: next article about magnets ( Magnetization) Orientation direction,
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