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by:Newland     2020-04-08
Ndfeb strong magnet scientific names, so what is the element of powerful magnets, and some of what material, magnet manufacturer to spread the knowledge of this respect with you. Strong magnet ndfeb, its main composition consists of neodymium, iron, boron metal elements according to the formula to the raw material coal pulverizing, mixing formed sintering together, also known as sintered ndfeb, because the magnetic very strong application to our products from all walks of life. Powerful magnet material gradation, N series, M series, H series, etc. , specific N35 N38. 。 。 。 N52 it represents what meaning, N, M, H series material refers to material heat resistance coefficient is different, so N35, N38, to the N52 magnetic difference, the more of the same product performance, the higher the magnetic, but does not represent N52 high-performance materials such as good quality for N35, N38. According to the demand of the product, when meet the needs of the product to choose the best ratio of material to achieve a win-win result. More powerful magnet material knowledge and strong magnet product application design can be detailed consulting us. A: where to find the magnet manufacturers? Next article: magnet is how to?
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