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Powerful magnet manufacturer which good?

by:Newland     2020-04-09
Recently, our company needs a large number of powerful magnet manufacturers, so we started to evaluate the magnet manufacturer, finally selected the partial to several companies after our investigation, some of them. Magnetic technology co. , LTD. , founded in 2006, is a powerful magnet old brand manufacturers, many partners are also mentioned that the business for us, so we got in touch with, and we are very welcome to visit, they say. After we arrived, the head of the clock manager already waiting for us at the airport, about twenty minutes' drive after we arrived. The strong magnet factory is located in the industrial town of shajing street, look at the door, the entire enterprise is like a big MAC dancing in the streets, the door is very neat and clean, green did very well. After entering the first impression is the rhythm, the staff with their own rhythm, enjoying his work process, mental outlook on keep forward with a smile. In office we have seen in the years to the card with a variety of MEDALS, clock manager said that, in 2009 passed the ISO9001 international quality management system of the enterprise, also has passed the certification of SEDEX social responsibility system and Rosh, Reach and so on environmental protection detection, has a very high reputation in the world. Clock manager then showed us around the strong magnet production and processing workshop and proprietary plating processing workshop, you can find all the industrial equipment all adopt the international newest technology production equipment, not only more efficient, and all products meet international standards. Have their own research and development department, clock manager said, research and development department is that they always stay ahead, the guarantee of competitive, they will be the latest science and technology, the best production method is applied to the production processing, make our enterprise always maintained a forward energy. In during the clock manager has also made a brief meeting and multiple customers at home and abroad, clock manager said, now is not limited to the domestic market, also has a very good reputation in the international market, the company's slogan is to go abroad, go global, to become an international first-class magnetoelectric brand. Through today in the investigation, on how to choose a strong magnet manufacturers? Know the evaluation about the content of a powerful magnet manufacturers strength. Such as generating equipment, research and development ability, enterprise reputation, team experience, enterprise culture is an important factor to measure a powerful magnet manufacturers. A: what are the precautions for powerful magnets to deposit? Next article: magnet price you know?
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