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Powerful magnet manufacturer to teach you how to choose and buy special magnet?

by:Newland     2020-04-09
1, the size and tolerance of powerful magnets, offering the relevant drawings to magnet manufacturers, powerful magnets manufacturer to evaluate ( Related drawings is very important, is a very intuitive expression, some magnet manufacturer may not related products, so both sides of the dimension and tolerance to be negotiated or purchaser to on business scope. 2, choose the required material, performance? Whether you need 3, magnetization, if need magnetization, the axial or radial? 4, whether to need to surface treatment, zinc plating, nickel plating? ( More brushed nickel plating can make the surface color, more resistant to corrosion, but the price is relatively high) 。 The number of 5, we need to place an order. ( Generally if the magnet manufacturer can do this product would give quotation, of course, if you order quantity is more, is there will be a discount) 。 6, if there are other special treatment, also need to be told that a strong magnet manufacturers. Above is a powerful magnet manufacturer for everyone how to buy profiled magnets need to pay attention to are summarized, powerful magnets factory production of various kinds of special-shaped magnets, if there is any need to welcome consulting! A: strong magnet manufacturers tell why don't you suck stainless steel magnet? Next article: why ndfeb magnets plating three layer?
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