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Powerful magnet manufacturer to reveal something you don't know ''

by:Newland     2020-05-01
Is now an era of Internet, many people like shopping online, don't have to go out to buy want, but also directly to the home, but on the Internet you should be careful when looking for a strong magnet manufacturers, although it is convenient, but also have its downside. Some middlemen or, for example, is 'dirty' strong magnet manufacturers can use the network shopping this invisible scratching their shortcomings, thus to cut corners on the quality of magnets, such as what you need is 50 * * 10 20 mm magnet, and you get some 'dirty' businessman in order to reduce the cost of the 48 * * 18 8 mm to cheat customer, so from the point of view to the naked eye is invisible at all. Or are you looking for N38 magnets, the performance of the performance of some undesirable businessman will be N35, then the price will be lower than other powerful magnet manufacturer, in fact, according to the performance of the original price is certainly do not to come out. Some people would say I can use fluxmeter measure yourself, but you quantity is large, can't take the magnet go one by one test. This jerry's behavior will destroy the balance of the market, many customers buy magnets spend the cost of high prices but bought a batch of low quality magnets, this to some steadfast do magnet reputation powerful magnet manufacturer reputation may also be affected.
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