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Powerful magnet manufacturer parameter interpretation and application of physical _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-04-01
Powerful magnet manufacturer explanation and physical parameters using 1, define primary function has the following three parameters to determine the function of powerful magnets: remanence Br: the permanent magnet magnetization to skills, and remove the external magnetic field, the retention of Br is called residual magnetic induction intensity. Coercive force Hc: make full permanent magnet magnetization to skills reduce B to zero, the demand of the reverse magnetic field intensity is called magnetic coercive force, referred to as coercive force. Magnetic energy product BH: rich and strong magnetic industry represents the powerful magnets in the air gap space ( Two powerful magnet pole space) The magnetic energy density, air gap the magnetostatic energy per unit volume. Because of the energy is equal to the strong magnet Bm and the product of Hm, so called magnetic energy product. 2, magnetic field of magnetic pole magnetic effect occurred for the magnetic field. 3, exterior magnetic field permanent magnet appearance a specific orientation of magnetic induction intensity. 4, choose the powerful magnets pick pick which should be clear before a powerful magnet needs strong magnet performance what kind of effect? 5, the effect of the first moving object, fixed object or lift. 6, required a strong magnet wafer shape, circular, square shape, tiles or especially shape. Powerful magnet specification for 7, is long, wide, high, diameter and tolerance, and so on. 8, the powerful magnet suction, hope to offer and quantity and so on. The compass is created on the basis of the nature of the powerful magnets. The effect of powerful magnets 1, physics [ 1] Refers to the north and south [ 2] Small objects attract light [ 3] The strong magnet can do electromagnetic relay [ 4] Motor [ 5] Generator [ 6] Electroacoustic [ 7] ] Magnetic therapy [ 8] Maglev [ 9] Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) 2, dietotherapy effect magnet taste salty, flat; Belong to the liver and kidney meridian; Quality, and the town of drop; To dive with flat liver Yang, our ears bright eye, of the nerves, results of the gas and asthma; Attending liver Yang syncope, horrified to insomnia, faint 'barrier, tinnitus, deafness, kidney empty out of inverse. Powerful magnet is to be able to attack the objects of the magnetic field, a magnetic dipole, can attract ferromagnetic materials such as iron, nickel, cobalt and other metallic. Pole concluded that is a fine line hanging a powerful magnet, pointing to the North Pole is called refers to the North Pole or N pole, pointing to the South Pole is refers to the South Pole or S. ( If the earth like a big powerful magnets, is now the earth's magnetic North Pole S pole, the south poles is a N pole. ) Powerful magnet heteropolar attraction, homopolar is squeezed out. Refers to the South Pole and attraction refers to the arctic, refers to the South Pole and refers to the Antarctic repel, refers to the North Pole and repel refers to the North Pole. The classification of the powerful magnets powerful magnets can be divided into & other; Permanent powerful magnets & throughout; With & other; The permanent powerful magnets & throughout; 。 Permanent strong magnet is a natural goods, also called lodestone, can also be produced by artificial ( The strongest powerful magnets are powerful neodymium magnets) 。 Rather than permanent powerful magnets, as long as there is magnetic under certain conditions will, usually in the way of the powerful magnet, also is to use current to strengthen its magnetic field. The transformation of a magnet with a strong magnet magnetized magnet for internal magnetic molecules ( Molecular theory of powerful magnets) There are no rules to put through the magnetization process of magnetic molecules will have rules in place. At this point, the magnetic N pole and S pole toward the same direction to make a magnet with magnetic and powerful magnets. Together, the same strong magnets on the opposite poles and the amount of magnetic north and south poles. Powerful magnets and magnets, it is to point to in and around itself within the magnetic field of objects or materials, divided into two categories: natural and artificial. Artificial powerful magnets are usually made of metal alloy, has the strong magnetism. And can be divided into & other; Permanent powerful magnets & throughout; With & other; Non-permanent powerful magnets & throughout; , i. e. , & other; Hard magnetic & throughout; With & other; Soft magnetic & throughout; 。
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