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Powerful magnet manufacturer magnetic suction can maintain how long? Is it really permanent not degaussing?

by:Newland     2020-05-08
Heard in powerful magnet manufacturer sales so many years, customers the most often asked question is that powerful magnet suction can maintain how long? Haven't had the magnetic will in a few years? This is about the size of the magnetic force problem, in theory, a magnetic steel is the scope of its magnetic field of infinity, we say the conventional suction, is attractive enough, as to how much is big enough, it depends on many factors. According to the conventional magnets, powerful magnets manufacturers strong magnet is also known as permanent magnets, the professional name of rare earth ndfeb magnets, is a kind of unique to China rare metal doping other metal materials synthesis of sintering, so-called magnetic king in magnet type; Features: the strongest magnetic, high performance, electroplating, ( The most commonly used only galvanized zinc, nickel plating NI; There are some special requirements, such as gold-plated, silver plating, plating color, etc. , can according to the demand we can plating) , it is made from a dozen materials mixed, and the size of the magnetic force is generated by the ratio of these critical materials. Therefore, if it is a professional manufacturer of the powerful magnets, in the process of communicate with the customer must according to the requirements of the guests put forward practical use, to provide the appropriate magnetic size ( Suction size) Products, to ensure the normal use of the product. Equally powerful magnet manufacturers strong magnet suction size is restricted by many external conditions, such as the use situation, factors such as temperature, humidity will be long-term depletion powerful magnet suction size. Installation is also one very important factor. Such as: the size of the same powerful magnet, because the brand is different, in the same piece of sucked the adsorption ability of a body is different. The other or the same size magnets, we also use the same brand, but positive absorption and adsorption side the same piece of object in our actual test of suction is not the same size, furthermore, the vertical installation of vertical adsorption and horizontal level size is different. So if you want to know and buy really suitable powerful magnet products still need to go to the regular factory purchase, so as to ensure the stability of the material and the correct size of the suction. For magnetic can maintain a strong magnet, the industry has made the discussion for many years, due to the products using the environment and the way of the powerful magnets, a very wide range, in normal circumstances, powerful magnet suction is not affected by the outside world, so we are called permanent magnets, but for the use of special envoy cases, such as resistance to salt fog corrosion conditions, such as the strong magnet itself can produce very big external damage, so the magnetic force will certainly be affected, as time goes on magnetic must produce loss, and so on special environment, need to select products suitable for the raw material of special environment and the appropriate protection, electroplating so as to ensure the suction of the permanent magnet products. Bring bring bring bring bring bring bring bring bring bring about shenzhen star magnetic industry co. , LTD. The main two large, 1, industrial supplies: sintered ndfeb, adhesive ndfeb and magnetic components, 2, is a civilian products: gun magnetic, rubber magnetic, fishing hooks, rotating hook, square peg magnetic hook, etc. The alibaba international station and domestic station has shops, domestic station store address: 1688 abmmagnetics. 1688. com; Welcome new and old customers to browse information, to find suitable your products, because of magnetic material specification is more, have any questions can contact customer service or contact the following business card information, thank you again!
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