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Powerful magnet magnetization direction

by:Newland     2020-04-19
Most of the magnetic material can be along the same direction of magnetization to saturation, the direction is called & other; Magnetization direction & throughout; 。 No orientation in the direction of the magnet is much weaker than orientation magnet magnetic. What is the standard & other; Throughout north and south poles &; Industry definition? “ Throughout the arctic &; Is defined as a strong magnet at a random rotation after its North Pole pointing in the direction of the earth's North Pole. Also, the magnet South Pole pointing in the direction of the earth's South Pole. In the absence of how to identify the magnet the North Pole? It is clear that the only by eyes are unable to distinguish. Can use the compass to the powerful magnets, a pointer to the earth's North Pole will point to magnetic South Pole. How to safe handling and storage of the magnet? Should always be careful, because the magnet will be their adsorption together, may be task of fingers. When magnet mutual adsorption are also likely to be damaged due to collision magnet itself. Will be magnetized magnet is far from easy items, such as floppy disks, credit CARDS, computer monitors, watches, mobile phones, medical equipment, etc. The magnet should be far away from the cardiac pacemaker. Larger powerful magnets, each piece should be added between the plastic or cardboard gasket in place to ensure that can easily separate magnet. The magnet should be stored in a dry, constant temperature environment. www。 yirongciye。 com/
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