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Powerful magnet fragile? What the magnet is not easy to broken? _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-03-31
Powerful magnets, the Strong all English name. Powerful magnet, ndfeb magnet. Its magnetic can greatly surpassed, aluminum nickel and cobalt ferrite magnet, samarium cobalt magnet, ndfeb magnet suction powerful enough to adsorption is 640 times heavier than its objects, jianghu person & other; Powerful magnet & throughout; 。 Although powerful magnet magnetic force strong, but there are advantages is not perfect, so the question becomes, powerful magnets really fragile? Powerful magnet connotation elements B, it can enhance magnetic, but low physical properties, it is very easy to break. In the process of production, often use slow airflow powder processing, coupled with the sintering time is long, so the magnet inside is a death, low energy efficiency, magnet met other hard objects in the strong magnetic field, easy to break. In magnetic therapy, therefore, need to be careful, don't be caught in the powerful magnet body, put something light with light, to prevent the magnet is broken. So the question again, what the magnet is not easy to broken? , of course, is weak magnetic rubber magnets, non-friable magnet in the world. Main ingredients is magnetic powder and rubber, rubber magnet belongs to polymer materials. Elastic, at room temperature under external force at an early age can generate large deformation, can recover after removal of the external force. Without sintering, the product is soft, rubber magnets very tenacious, twist, twist, hit hard to damage, human difficult to break, it's a pity that is magnetic.
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