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【 Powerful magnet demagnetization method have? 】

by:Newland     2020-05-06
【 Powerful magnet demagnetization method have? 】 Powerful magnet, is refers to the ndfeb magnet. It compared with the ferrite magnets, alnico, samarium cobalt magnetism can greatly over several other magnets, ndfeb magnets can adsorb itself, 640 times the weight of the weight, so the ndfeb by outsiders often referred to as a powerful magnet. Powerful magnet magnetization and demagnetization can be, because the magnet itself is or will bring some magnetic, so we can according to the use of powerful magnets is different to make certain methods for demagnetization method. 1. Communicate magnet demagnetization method: this is about the magnet demagnetization way into can produce ac magnetic field in space, after ac magnetic field, the magnet internal structure will be upset, which can achieve the effect of demagnetization, using this method is more common demagnetization method. 2. High temperature demagnetization method: high temperature demagnetization method mainly is put into operation in the high temperature furnace for heating, after high temperature treatment will be powerful magnet magnetic eliminate, but in the process of heating for the effect of high temperature will directly result in magnets inside the change of the structure of the object changes, so the demagnetization method generally used for magnet for scrap and recycling. 3. Vibration demagnetization method: this method is simple operation is a powerful magnet for strong intense shaking, again after the operation of the vibration of magnet inner structure has changed, and transform the physical of the magnet is generally adopt this way the demagnetization method the effect is not big, only a small amount of demagnetization can temporary use. Strong magnets, magnets, magnet, magnet, ndfeb magnet, rare earth permanent magnets
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