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Powerful magnet common coating have? _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-04-04
Nd- Fe- B usually strong magnet coating coated nickel, copper, chromium, gold, blue and white zinc, black zinc, epoxy resin, etc. Different plating, the surface of the magnets have different color, save for a long time. Nickel, zinc, epoxy resin, nickel, zinc coating, epoxy resin and polypropylene glycol on the influence of three kinds of magnetic ndfeb magnet in the solution. Polymer materials>>> NI coating epoxy resin results show that the zinc coating in the acid, alkali, salt environment, polymer coating to protect magnet effect is best, epoxy resin is poorer, NI coating, zinc coating is poorer. Zinc: the surface is silvery white. Can be used for 12 ~ 48 hours salt spray. It can with some glue ( Such as AB glue) Glue, if plating, can save two to five years. Nickel: the surface of a stainless steel colour, the surface is not easy oxidation, good appearance, good gloss, electroplating by 12 hours / 72 hours salt spray test. The disadvantage is that cannot use glue, can make the coating fall off. Copper: mostly appear in the hardware industry, ndfeb industry is rarely used, its appearance is yellow. Chromium plating chromium: industry is relatively rare, its cost is very high, general company can't accept it. However, it has a strong ability to decompose, it is difficult to react with other substances. Mainly used for acidic and alkaline strong place. In general, this is little choice. Black zinc: according to customer requirements, product surface treatment is black. In the process of plating, the main purpose is on the basis of the chemical processing of galvanized add black protective film. The film also can protect the product, increase the salt spray time, extend the oxidation time. However, it is easy to scratch the surface, lost its protective effect. Nowadays, very few people use, and most are replaced by resin. Gold: in what we see in the street a few small stall, yellow gold hands are mostly gilded, or bronze. Aureate make the product look as pretty and gold. It is typically used for handicraft industry. Our products can also be gold plated magnetic jewelry. Epoxy resin: after nickel plating, add a layer of resin paint outside. Only there is a market for the industry over the past two years. Its development speed is very fast. Now there are a lot of people use a variety of electroplating products. Its biggest advantage is that you can achieve the color you want.
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