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Powerful magnet color zinc plating surface treatment _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-04-04
Color of zinc plating powerful magnets color zinc plating surface of the product is exquisite and smooth, high adhesion, thickness, etc. Color zinc plating is widely applied in electrical equipment, nuclear industry, daily hardware, building hardware, automotive fasteners, motorcycle accessories, fishing gear, locks, etc. The screw color zinc plating and white zinc plating is a kind of processing on the surface of the screw, enhanced surface appearance and corrosion resistance of the screw! Zinc plating color and white zinc plated in addition to the exterior color, corrosion resistance is different also, usually the color of zinc corrosion resistant ability better than white zinc! Color zinc magnets, namely color zinc plating ndfeb strong magnet, the surface shows five color, so color zinc plating has a name: galvanized passivation rainbow color. Might because the price or do color zinc plating company very few, normally it is difficult to see strong ndfeb magnets do color zinc plating, small make up contact magnet industry also has a period of time, usually doesn't do this kind of coating the surface of the customer requirements, are mostly USES the zinc nickel plating. Today, small make up specially for a photo color zinc plating of ndfeb strong magnet ( Above) , shall we? Seen this kind of special surface treatment of a powerful magnet? Common electroplating after passivation, passivation solution is different, after the passivation of color will be different, so there will be color, yellow zinc, or other blue zinc, black zinc, and so on.
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