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Powerful magnet attraction is how old? _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-04-03
Currently the highest performance of the magnet is rare earth magnets, and in the rare earth magnet ndfeb is the most powerful magnet. But in more than 200 degrees Celsius environment, samarium cobalt is one of the most powerful magnet. The attraction of the magnet size and iron ( Drawn objects) Can balance knowledge relevant to the distance. The most stupid method is: you just want to find out their most attractive one. What will be a magnet with & lsquo; Hold & rsquo; And another piece on the dynamometer, and the two magnets attract together. 2. Will the three & lsquo; Vertical with the ground & rsquo; , pulling on a dynamometer, read two separate magnet & lsquo; For an instant & rsquo; The measure to the force value F. Assumptions have been measured, hung on a dynamometer magnet for G. 3. Calculate the biggest attraction between the two is equal to F - G。 There is a problem, if not conform to the dynamometer, the no. Electromagnetic crane use magnetic force ( Electromagnet) , can have more than ten tons of lifting capacity. There is a strong magnet is the affection between the opposite sex, which was unable to evaluate the power of the, to the best of love between lovers can do everything for her, can give everything for her, just under the yellow, can destroy everything, is a kind of terrible power.
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