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Poles observed piece of rapid detection of magnet magnetization and the number of products

by:Newland     2020-04-12
How can I know the hand of magnet magnetization and the number of magnetization, the a lot of people don't know, Ricky magnet xiaofu card to share with you today? Card is illustrated below Ricky poles magnetization way of test piece of the old magnet product we naked eye cannot see, only through the use of magnetic pole test piece for inspection, and then through the magnetic test piece judge the magnet magnetization of the product. Pole piece function: using the magnetic pole test pieces to test out the magnetization series of magnet, the magnetization, strong magnetic surface and the weak magnetic surface. Pole to observe slice identification methods: test the magnet magnetization series: place the magnet products in measuring disk imaging area, can clearly see the magnet magnetization series of products, the magnet magnetization series products are an even number, because all pairs. Identification of magnet magnetization: magnet product of magnetization is common for the magnetization, the magnetization to the radial and axial axial magnetization of the product at the height of the magnet surface height (as you can see the magnet The thickness) Is divided into two and a half of north and south poles line, but not for radial magnetization, radial magnetization of the product are evenly into several pieces. Identification of strong magnetic surface and the weak magnetic surface: multi-stage magnetization of the product, a magnetic magnetic below another magnetic surface relatively stronger or weaker, in the region of the magnetic pole test film developing, can according to the definition of the decomposition of magnetic force line to distinguish, clear lines of magnetic force side with strong magnetic surface, a fuzzy side for weak magnetic surface. Articles by powerful magnet manufacturer Ricky xiaofu card sorting share, if in doubt, welcome advice, this measuring disk is available for purchase! Relevant article recommended reading: I plant the introduction of magnetic curve analysis tester provide effective technical support for the motor
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