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pirg warns of toy dangers but finds fewer of them

by:Newland     2019-11-15
Consumer advocates say toys are safer than ever before, but parents should be vigilant to keep their little ones away from the powerful magnets and small items that can easily cause suffocation.
\"The main trend we\'re seeing this year is that we don\'t find as many toxic toys as we think,\" said Nashima Hussain, an American public health advocate. S.
Research group on public interest.
PIRG checked more than 200 toys on store shelves at major retailers and dollar stores and tested about 30 toys with lead and chemicals called O-benzene Ester, these plastic products are used to make softer plastic products, but are related to reproductive defects and other health problems.
2008 the product safety law introduces new standards for children\'s products, including strict restrictions on lead and neighboring benzene Ester allowed in toys.
Only one of the tested toys
Morphobot action map-
Increased lead levels, exceeding federal new and more stringent restrictions on metal content in toys.
The toys are all federal-permitted standards for neighboring benzene Ester, the report said, although the level of adventure backpack Dora will trigger disclosure of laws in Washington state and California.
This year\'s report focuses mainly on small toys that may suffocate children and loud toys that may cause hearing loss.
A Dora guitar from the Explorer and a colorful baby toy car key were quoted for being too loud.
Play all kinds of food, from small strawberries to miniature sausages, and small rubber tractors on wheels that can be loose, all listed as small enough food to suffocate.
The group also highlighted new concerns about magnets, particularly high
Power magnets in executive desktop toys for adults or fingers-
Play magnet toys for PIRG kids named snake egg found in a dollar store.
PIRG quoted the government as estimating that there were 1,700 emergency room visits between 2009 and 2011, involving high intake-Power magnet.
Most cases involve children between the ages of 4 and 12.
The older child accidentally ingested the ball while trying to mimic the tongue piercing.
Magnets, such as magnets in popular Buckyball desktop toys, can stick together if swallowing, squeezing internal tissue and causing serious damage.
Stacy Leistner of the Toy Industry Association said his team agreed that strong magnets are a risk for children and they should not use strong magnets.
Consumer Product Safety Commission sued New York this summer
Maxfield and Oberton, makers of Buckyball desktop toys, stopped selling. The finger-
Fidgety toys are designed for adults, but CPSC says there are too many injuries to children.
Maxfield has always believed that these toys are for adults and are sold to adults with a clear warning label
But the company announced last month that it would stop producing the pirate series.
CPSC is considering banning high
Electric Magnet Group.
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