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Physical parameters: ndfeb magnetic hysteresis loop _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-04-02
Physical parameters: ndfeb magnetic hysteresis loop when H is the biggest change to the negative one of the biggest, is one of the biggest again, B - H or M - H formed a closed curve, the curve is called hysteresis loop. Hysteresis loop of some notes: & ensp; 1. The relationship between the magnetic induction intensity B and H said normal curve, B = J + H 2. Intrinsic magnetization is called the intrinsic relation between J and H curve & ensp; 3. 。 Usually with hysteresis loop in the second quadrant to analyze the performance of the permanent magnet, intrinsic curve, normal curve is applicable.   4. 。 Lower than the Br on the demagnetization curve of a point, known as the working point; Call a connection line between the working point and the origin of load, expressed as Bd/Hd.
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