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Permanent magnets ( What type of price action) introduce

by:Newland     2020-04-15
On Monday, began a week new start, small make up today to share is about some knowledge of the permanent magnets, such as permanent magnets is what? Permanent magnet demagnetization? What kind of permanent magnet magnetic strongest, and the function of permanent magnets, price, etc. A, what is the permanent magnets? Permanent magnets is what mean? Permanent magnets in the word is the meaning of forever, that is to say, whether natural or artificial, real permanent magnets is the permanent magnetism, the magnetic force is not going to disappear. Permanent magnet magnetic force of permanent is embodied in it is not easy to excitation-loss and not easy to be magnetized. Permanent magnets are not easily excitation-loss besides natural permanent magnets are naturally have this feature, in daily life the mostly applied to the artificial permanent magnets are benefited from the combination of the production of raw materials and production technology. This production principle is probably to steel and other raw materials by making magnets reasonable processing and processing, internal inhomogeneity and improve magnet coercive force, so as to enhance its ability to resist magnetization and demagnetization resistance has the characteristics of the permanent magnets. Otherwise the magnetization and demagnetization are easy to words that can only be soft magnetic materials become a permanent magnets. Carbon materials such as magnets, ordinary smelting the magnetic is common, both easy magnetization and demagnetization easily. High-temperature refinement, but its carbon steel internal uneven force for rapid growth, will become a permanent magnet materials. The manufacturing of permanent magnets are need certain technical level, and regardless of the permanent magnets of what material production technology, its basic principle is to change the magnet material internal uneven force. Second, the permanent magnet demagnetization? This will divide the permanent and non-permanent: 1, permanent. More difficult, when can be high temperature, molecular polar arrangement of chaos. 2, not permanent. Relatively simple. Is a kind of high temperature, another is to use the right to make the original strong magnetic field magnetic elimination. And shock degaussing, under the strong shock molecular polarity regularity of the original configuration will be upset. Actually, there is no obvious permanent and non-permanent respectively, in order to automatically eliminate is just a matter of time. When the man-made. Generally there are three kinds of commonly used methods: 1, the magnetization degaussing: ( Market doorway commonly used) ; 2, strong vibration degaussing: ( Generally cannot reach full degaussing requirements) ; 3, high temperature demagnetization: ( High temperature is a molecular magnet accelerated motion, so as to change the direction of its original molecular electric current, and change the whole magnetic, and reduced to disappear) Three, the role of permanent magnets permanent magnets it in all of People's Daily life and production are now plays a very important role, and it can be used by the field is very wide, including motor, electric appliances, sensor, encoder, television, radio, speaker on the machine and all kinds of speakers, clothing on the skin above the mouth, and so on place has more extensive application, they are all against the principle of magnetic field to work. Four, permanent magnets price reference 1, 20 thick diameter 4 round, product prices, each RMB 2. 85. 2, 50, 10 5 rectangular thick product prices, RMB 5 each. The euro. 3, 20, 10 5 rectangular thick product price, $2 each. 45. 4, 50, 25 5 rectangular thick product price, $12 each. 95. The above prices are for reference only, the price changes in real-time. PS: rare earth ndfeb magnets, so far is very has the strongest magnetic artificial permanent magnets. Editor for the first time in March 2016, changes in December 2019, modify reason: change the title, the new articles. The permanent magnets articles together; Magnetic steel is refers to the permanent magnets? How is the permanent magnets are used in ore dressing? Do you know? All kinds of permanent magnet material maximum magnetic energy product ( BH) Max is introduced
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