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by:Newland     2020-02-27
I \'ve covered how to make temporary magnets, but what if you want a magnet that doesn\'t lose performance?
After I found that article about my temporary magnetized technique (stroking)
, I\'m interested in trying to make permanent magnets (-
Below: magnetized material).
So I use the condensate bomb as my fuel source ()
It actually works.
Unfortunately it\'s really weak so I\'m trying to increase the magnetic field and it works better.
I will show how to do this in two ways.
Required materials: 1. Fuel (
Of course I use petrol bombs)2.
Two metal electric boxes (
Don\'t ask me what each one is called, just look at the picture)3. Hammer4.
Can keep the fuel in (
I used the tealight candle)5. Lighter6. Compass (
My knife has this built into the handle and if you don\'t, make one yourself :)7.
Hard and flat rock (
Or if you have a hammer. 8. Large Magnet (
The stronger magnet needs this, I use my 6x8 speaker magnet)9.
Pliers or copper pliers look at my paint drawing for the settings required. Isn\'t it cute?
Warning: the box and steel will get hot.
Be careful when playing with fire.
To get the best results, tap the steel along the magnet first before heating. 1.
Place the fuel source in the center of a larger metal box and light it up.
Let it burn for about 30 seconds, then quickly place the top of the stove on it. 2.
Place the steel on top of the mini oven and let it heat for a while. (Video below)
Do weak magnets now (
It can\'t lift anything, but you can see the magnetic field there by using the compass.
See attached video). 1.
Remove a piece of steel from the flame and point to one end north with a compass and the other end South. 2.
Now, while keeping the steel in that position, hammer it off.
Hammer until the metal cools.
Now you should have a weak permanent magnet. 1.
Do anything in the first step. 2.
Set the compass when steel is heated.
When you know which way to go north, put the big magnet there. 3.
Remove the steel from the stove and place it on the south side of the big magnet.
Now hammer it off until the steel is cold.
Now you should have a more powerful permanent magnet. Test it out (
Watch the video below).
It\'s not that strong yet, but now it can lift a small nail.
If you have a stronger magnetic field to work, you end up with a stronger magnet.
Imagine if you have a magnet for leevonk ()
You can then start making strong magnets and even sell them without having to buy them.
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