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Permanent magnetic material application note _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-04-03
Permanent magnetic material application notes & ensp; 1, permanent magnetic material's actual magnetic associated with specific manufacturing factory, its value and the standard of data tend to have a certain deviation between. The same type of permanent magnetic material, different factory or same factory there are certain magnetic differences between different batches. For the actual shape and size of the permanent magnet motor, the magnetic and also can exist certain differences between the standard data.   In addition, the capacity of the charger magnetization methods will affect the size and uniformity of permanent magnet magnetization state, can affect the magnetic. Therefore, in order to improve the accuracy of motor design and calculation, need to ask the manufacturer for the batch number of the actual size of permanent magnet under room temperature and working temperature of the measured demagnetization curve, can best when conditional sampling directly measure the demagnetization curve, more reliable. For the high consistency requirements of motor, need more to the permanent magnet material one by one piece for testing.   2, permanent magnet of magnetic besides associated with alloy composition and manufacturing process, is also related to the magnetic field heat treatment process. The so-called magnetic heat treatment, is permanent magnet materials applied in the process of decomposition reaction with magnetic field. After magnetic field heat treatment, permanent magnet magnetic can improve, but with a directional, the largest in the magnetic field direction, minimum vertical magnetic field direction, this is called anisotropy. For heat treatment without magnetic field of permanent magnet material, magnetic can not directional, known as isotropic. It should be noted that for anisotropic permanent magnet, the magnetization of the magnetic field direction should be consistent with magnetic field heat treatment at the time of the magnetic field direction, otherwise can magnetism will be reduced.   3, the permanent magnet material from room temperature up to the highest working temperature and heat preservation time and then cooled to room temperature, the open-circuit magnetic flux is not more than 5% of the irreversible loss are allowed. So in order to guarantee the stability of permanent magnet motor in the process of running performance, not obvious irreversible demagnetization, before use should be steady magnetic processing, the method is the magnetization of permanent magnetic material will heat up to the highest working temperature and heat preservation is expected to 2 to 4 hours, in order to eliminate this part of the irreversible losses in advance.
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