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Permanent magnetic material and soft magnetic material introduce _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-04-07
Permanent magnet on magnetic and soft magnetic material is a lot of people don't very clear, with magnet manufacturer small make up today to introduce, including their role in the permanent magnet motor. What is a permanent magnetic material? Permanent magnetic material is found and the use of the first type of magnetic material, for example, ancient Chinese compass. Permanent magnet materials, relative to the soft magnetic materials, also called hard magnetic materials. Magnetism performance just refers to the magnetic materials after plus magnetization of the magnetic field can long retain its strong magnetic, is characterized by high coercive force. Coercive force is to through demagnetization magnetic materials after magnetization make with residual magnetic field strength reduced to zero. Easy magnetization and soft magnetic material is added magnetic field, and easy demagnetization, namely low coercive force of magnetic materials. Demagnetization refers to the added magnetic field ( After make the magnetization of the magnetic material, add with magnetizing field opposite the direction of the magnetic field reduce its magnetic field. With the continuous development of science and technology, permanent magnet not only sort very much, and will be widely use. Commonly used permanent magnet materials mainly include ferrite permanent magnet, rare earth permanent magnet materials, metal permanent magnetic materials, etc. We produce RuTie boron is a kind of permanent magnetic material. Permanent magnet magnetic characteristics: 1, high stability, namely the external disturbance, vibration environment factors such as magnetic field and the degree of high stability. 2, high coercive force. 3, high residual magnetic flux density and high remanent magnetization. 4, high maximum magnetic energy product. The types of soft magnetic materials are also a lot of, use is very wide, common soft magnetic materials mainly with iron - Silicone soft magnetic materials, iron - Nickel is a soft magnetic alloy, ferrite soft magnetic materials, etc. ; Its main magnetic properties of high stability, high saturation magnetic flux density and high saturation magnetization, high permeability, low magnetic loss, low coercivity and electricity consumption. In permanent magnet motor, which have the effect of a magnetic field, when the stator current, to produce a rotating magnetic field, rotor permanent magnetic material or soft magnetic material also produce a magnetic field, with the stator magnetic field rotation. Note: we only provide permanent magnet ( A permanent magnet) Sample processing customized, if there is any quotation, welcome to contact the ndfeb magnet manufacturers.
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