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Permanent magnet ( Powerful magnet) Materials professional term _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-03-31
Powerful magnets in special terms: 1, the remanent magnetism: permanent magnets by the saturation magnetization to technology, and remove of the surface field Br remaining after the external magnetic field, referred to as the residual magnetic induction intensity. Referred to as 'remanence, expressed in Br, the unit for the mT ( KG) Milli tesla. KG for electromagnetic system of units, read for gaussian. 1 t = 10000 gs conversion relations. 3, the magnetic energy product ( BH) Max: unit for coke/( J/m3) Or tall? Mr ( 通用) 1 MGOe≈ 7. 96 k J/m3, the demagnetization curve on any bit of B and H is the product of BH we called magnetic energy product, and B× A maximum of H called maximum magnetic energy product ( BH) 上限。 Magnetic energy product is one of the important parameters of stored energy constant magnet size, ( BH) The larger the Max description magnets containing magnetic energy is larger. Magnetic circuit design as far as possible to make the working point of magnets in near maximum magnetic energy product of B and H. 4, the lines of magnetic force, magnetic field lines are used to visually depict the image of the magnetic field, magnetic field lines are closed line around the current of the headless koala, current direction and the lines of magnetic force turning direction conforms to the right-hand rule. 5, flux: by the total number of lines of magnetic force of a curved surface, is called by the magnetic flux, below with & phi; Said, the unit is webber wb. 6, table magnetic: a specific location on the surface of the permanent magnet magnetic induction intensity, unit for gaussian Gs. 7, coercive force, make the saturation magnetization to technology of permanent magnet needed to reduce B to zero and the reverse magnetic field intensity is called magnetic coercive force, referred to as coercive force, represented by BHC. Summary of coercive force is usually more than 11000 oe. 8 and intrinsic coercive force: put a reverse magnetic field in magnetic JHC H increases to a certain value, the microscopic magnetic dipole magnets inside the distance vector and zero, called the opposite direction of the magnetic field H value the intrinsic coercive force of the material, expressed in Hc. Summary of Hcj will decrease with the increase of temperature and so need to work in high temperature environment should choose high grade with Hcj. ( Hcj) The unit is/m ( A/m) And oster ( Oe) 1≈Oe 79. 6A/m。 General said: N 12000; 米14000; H 17000; SH 2000; 呃25000; 嗯30000; 35000年啊。 1 koe = 1000 Oe 9 units: Oe, working temperature: refers to the magnet in a certain environment temperature, magnetic energy is less than 10% drop in the actual temperature of long time continuous work, the unit & deg; C。 。 10, density: the quality of the unit volume. The density of sintered ndfeb: 7. 5 - - - - - - - - - - - - - 7. 6 grams per cubic centimeter. 11, coating thickness: refers to the thickness of the magnet surface plating layer, the unit of micron & mu; m。 12, salt spray test: refers to a kind of using the salt spray test equipment created by artificial simulated conditions of salt fog conditions to assess environmental testing of product surface corrosion resistance. Generally use 5% sodium chloride brine solution, solution PH adjustment in neutral range ( 6 - 7) As the spray solution. Test temperature is 35 & deg; C。 Product surface coating corrosion phenomenon, the amount of time required for said. 13, the magnetization: make the magnetization of the magnetic material or increase magnetic magnet is insufficient to the saturated state of the process. 14, electroplating: using electrolytic principles on some metal surface plating a layer of other metal or alloy process. Is the purpose of electroplating metal coating on substrate plating, change size or substrate surface properties, enhance the corrosion resistance of the ontology, increase the hardness, mention of electrical conductivity, lubricity, heat resistance and surface appearance. Electrolytic ndfeb material generally is galvanization, nickel plating, chrome plating, gold-plated, silver plating, copper plating, etc. , the specific ways such as barrel plating and the plating.
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