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Permanent magnet motor sintered magnets overall with the advantages and disadvantages of joining together

by:Newland     2020-04-15
Our common sintered magnets, permanent magnet motor basic type is a circle with tile, tile type by multiple patchwork block. This is caused by a magnetic steel production process is different, the overall call radiation ring, namely it is radial magnetic pole, complicated manufacturing processes ( Orientation when the molding must be radial magnetic field) Smooth, the manufacturing cost is high, but the motor performance, especially the dynamic balance, and the stop position after losing electricity of servo motor has no effect, This, of course, have to design into sloping tile shape) ; Another kind is to use N pieces of magnetic steel spliced together, each magnet steel a pole direction, this is due to the quality of each piece of magnet steel, causing poor dynamic balance when motor is running, it can pass the measurement with the magnetic steel rotor surface field strength, the best field strength curve should be a sine wave. And, of course, the adhesive ndfeb magnets, but the adhesive and sintering under the same volume of the MM ( Magnetic moment) Is several times or even more, this also means that power will be much smaller. Article sintered permanent magnet motor magnetic steel overall with the advantages and disadvantages of joining together is introduced by Ricky magnet card factory small share, fu have magnet quotation demand welcome to contact.
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