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Permanent magnet magnetization and stability of the magnetic and magnetic test method

by:Newland     2020-03-26
Magnetism of permanent magnet can be to choose according to the design of the electromagnetic calculation of permanent magnet material brand, the main magnetic parameter and size, the permanent magnet made unit manufacture according to design requirements and permanent magnet magnetization and advance of heat aging and ac demagnetization or low temperature demagnetization magnetic treatment. A, permanent magnet magnetization method of permanent magnet magnetic magnetic stability, is the most main measure of the quality of the permanent magnet magnetic can be one of the indicators, using the demagnetization rate, according to the permanent magnet magnetic induction decay rate. Because the magnetism can never is eternal, it will be as the internal cause and external so they naturally produce magnetic induction decay. The change of its internal cause including magnetic materials organization and after magnetization of the magnetic and magnetic change; The external cause includes because of interference temperature, magnetic field, mechanical stress and strong magnetic body contact and radioactive effect and the influence of magnetic changes, such as the external cause is the main factor. Once produced excitation-loss deputy permanent magnet type exciter, must to the magnetization. Magnetization method has dc magnetization method and the pulse magnetization method, two kinds of dc power. 1, dc pulse magnetization method for producing excitation-loss and maintenance on the sealed, each pole rotor, using cross-sectional area shall not be less than 2 was plastic magnetization coil electromagnetic wire wound, each pole around in a row, each adjacent pole winding in a different direction, and will continuously around the two winding head derivation, after the whole machine assembly, dc pulse method can be carried out when the magnetization. Again after magnetization remove deputy exciter, extract the rotor permanent magnet ( Spare rotor or insert the rotor must use the electrician special process equipment, to keep a damaged motor and hurt accident) Wear the rotor again after magnetization coil, tear down into the stator core for final assembly as a whole. 2, dc magnetization method after the whole machine assembly, power generation using dc generator or ac controlled rectifier unit to the magnetization. The magnetization electric voltage of 60 v, the magnetization current is about 500 a, the magnetization time about 2 ~ 3 seconds. Must be stabilized after magnetization of the magnetic treatment, rare earth permanent magnet materials of sintered ndfeb permanent magnets can be used more than five times a sudden short circuit stable magnetic treatment; And permanent magnet materials, aluminum nickel and cobalt permanent magnet 5 can adopt two air steady magnetic treatment. Dc magnetization method is a kind of power generation magnetization method is relatively simple, in factories and installation site operation conditions can be used, as long as on the stator winding of the permanent magnet vice exciter magnetization dc power supply can be connected to the magnetization. Second, loss and steady magnetic treatment method of permanent magnet deputy permanent magnet type exciter with general ac exciter is different, so in the absence of a comprehensive understanding clearly deputy permanent magnet magnetic circuit structure of the exciter and permanent magnet magnetic materials, grades, magnetic, and its stability under the condition of magnetic way, is not at liberty to remove the assembly, otherwise will cause due to remove the assembly of the excitation-loss danger. Especially for not understanding the structure, and did not take the necessary technology, and equipped with the necessary safety protection measures to prevent under the condition of process equipment, was rushed to disassembly and assembly will not only damage the motor, also caused by careless error and personal injury. In view of the permanent magnet demagnetization factor, and put forward the corresponding to the permanent magnetic material manufacturing unit of magnetic technical requirements. But is stored in permanent magnet motor manufacturing unit and careless mistakes and in the process of assembly, also can cause human excitation-loss. For permanent magnet as permanent magnet vice exciter excitation permanent magnetic energy, requirements under the condition of the structure design and any absolute to ensure that the N pole and S pole permanent magnet magnetic circuit cannot be short of two end connect to form a magnetic short circuit, otherwise will cause human loss of permanent magnet magnetic. But how to steady magnetic and what methods of magnetic, as well as the stability of the magnetic method and the number of problems, must be selected according to design of permanent magnet materials. Method to stabilize the magnetic treatment of permanent magnets: there is a sudden short circuit stable steady magnetic magnetic and air two processing methods. Is worth to the designer particularly emphasized that, regardless of the steady design USES magnetic treatment method, deputy permanent magnet excitation machine type testing must be based on industry standard JB/T9578 the technical condition of rare earth permanent magnet synchronous generator after a sudden short circuit test conducted in accordance with various properties of the product must comply with national and industry standards and design requirements. Three, permanent magnet inspection sample of magnetic testing permanent magnet of magnetic test sample, multi-purpose intensity is more than 400 ka/m pulse magnetic field for saturated and magnetization, pulse magnetic field produced by the device, a thyristor control mode and capacitor discharge way two kinds. Above is about permanent magnet magnetization and stability of the magnetic and magnetic test method is introduced, the article reprinted in electrical technology parameter. 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