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Perforated magnet answer common questions _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-03-28
Powerful magnets of choose and buy, welcome to contact the ndfeb magnet manufacturers website customer service. We mainly provide the magnet products are ndfeb magnets, ferrite magnets, black injection ferrite magnets, bonded ndfeb, motor magnetic tile, etc. , other size grades can be customized according to your requirements or drawing processing. About perforated magnets, many people have some questions want to know, the paper simply introduces some common problems on perforated magnet solutions, if any doubt please add this website online customer service. 1, perforated magnet positive and negative face big? Magnet punched hole and countersunk hole two kinds, the hole diameter in positive and negative magnets is big, also is the straight hole, the countersunk hole is a big one. 2. What is the cause of the magnet center with hole? The cause of the magnet center perforated generally is fixed for ease of assembly. There are also many is the use of requirements. 3, magnets, center punch will weaken the magnetic? Yes, the same specifications of the magnet, with hole will be smaller than magnetic force without hole. 3, are mostly ndfeb sink hole, ferrite material can also be? Of course, ferrite is not easy to processing, but can be punched. 4, a circle magnets side to make a hole can be? No problem, this belongs to the alien magnets, ndfeb material is easy to implement, ferrite is not easy to processing! 5, minimum round hole of the specifications of the magnet can be done? General can do d1 D3 * * 1. Big D for outer diameter, small D for inner diameter. 6, bore with magnet and without magnet price how many? Magnets custom not fixed price, the concrete depends on your magnet specification, performance, tolerance and machining difficulty, 7, magnet hole how was it? Magnet for powder metallurgy, need special equipment, can see the magnet production equipment Magnet punching equipment. The above is small make up for your arrangement about the belt ( A) Hole magnets related issues, if there is a need to purchase perforated magnet, welcome to contact us to give you a quotation.
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