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Per capita dosage of ndfeb marks the modern civilization degree _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-03-30
Whether we realize that every day we interact and ndfeb. It is modern technology & other; Ferry people & throughout; There was no find stronger comprehensive strength of similar materials. So the future is likely to have such a measure: a country's per capita dosage of ndfeb marks the level of the degree of civilization and modernization. Nd-fe-b alloy is the most powerful permanent magnetic material on the market, because of neodymium and dysprosium unique performance ndfeb rare earth elements has the most powerful integrated magnetic energy product and coercive force, the maximum energy product ( Output per unit volume flux, high to the ( MGOe) Or the joule/( J/m3) Measure) ) 。 Since the 1980 s, NdFeB magnet has been widely used. And in many large in size and weight sensitive application instead of SmCo, AlNiCo, ferrite magnets, achieved across a wide variety of modern society exists at the same time the concept of small accessories and electronic products and miniaturization. The largest industrial electricity consumption main & ndash; — Motor & ndash; — Is the important tool of energy conversion and transmission power, which is the function of the engine, industrial and agricultural production, daily life and travel demand depends on it; From the speaker to the high fidelity of sound, all kinds of headphones, are inseparable with everybody products; Especially now the voice system ( AI) , give up words, pronunciation sounds all cannot leave the ndfeb drive; The future IoT widely used maximum level of automation; And magnetic sensors and other electrical components, is inseparable from the summary. Whether we realize that every day we have to interact with them. From the phone's speaker and vibration motor to hard disk drives, cd-rom drives, electric traction motor, wind turbines and other & ndash; — Summary it in your pocket, bag, your work place, the road and your home. If can't find the comprehensive strength is stronger, more saving and environmental protection of the similar materials. We can look forward to the future there will be such a measure: a country's per capita dosage of ndfeb marks the level of the degree of civilization and modernization.
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