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Pay attention! Ndfeb ultra-high strength magnets may failure ''

by:Newland     2020-05-01
As is known to all, ndfeb ultra-high strength magnets have many advantages, can also be applied in many industries, is a lot of customer repurchase object. But if this time you don't pay attention to, are likely to make the magnet effect failure! Below small make up explain what factors affect the ndfeb ultra strong magnet. A, the use of sintered ndfeb environment, instant the highest temperature and constant temperature can have a different degree of demagnetization of magnet itself, including the reversible and irreversible, recoverable and unrecoverable. Magnet magnetization cannot restore the highest magnetic magnet itself again. Second, ndfeb easy corrosion, oxidation, usually we adopt the method of surface treatment to protect permanent magnets, such as electroplating nickel, aluminum, gold, etc. But does not fundamentally solve the influence of environmental humidity on magnet. Environment more moist, ndfeb ultra strong magnets easy oxidation corrosion is still a month, electroplating knowledge slow oxidation. Three, strong impact can make the magnet magnet demagnetization, more serious will make the magnet fracture on the spot. These three points are the most important factor in the magnet magnetic ndfeb ultra strong appearance, customers buy ndfeb ultra strong magnet should be aware of not higher than that of the working temperature of the magnet, and pay attention to the environmental health magnet is placed, not violence magnet. If there are other need, please ask us.
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