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panasonic plans to launch 25 smartphones this year

by:Newland     2019-10-09
New Delhi: Panasonic India expects its mobile phone revenue to more than double to Rs 2,500 by the end of this fiscal year as it expands its portfolio and distribution chain in India.
The Japanese company, which made 1,200 rupees in mobile phone revenue last year, plans to launch about 25 smartphones this year.
\"India is an important market and we are seeing strong growth here.
In this fiscal year, we expect revenue to reach Rs 2,500.
We will expand the sales of first-line second and third-largest cities and strong marketing activities through the price points of the launch device, \"Panasonic India business director (
Mobile Division)
Pankaj Lana said.
The Panasonic ELUGA A2 smartphone is available in India for RS 9,490.
Giant battery smartphone Eluga A2 is enabled for Rs.
9,490 for those who want to buy mid-range
Economy smartphone with long battery life.
He added that the company plans to spend about Rs 200 on marketing activities this year.
\"We\'re bringing about 25 smartphones and 15-
There will be 20 before Diwali.
This will cross different prices. -
Rs 3,500 to Rs 20,000.
\"Next month, we will launch our most affordable smartphone for 3,500 rupees,\" he said . \".
Panasonic will focus on Rs 10,000-
15,000 units to power its growth in the country and will launch 7-
8 products within the above price range.
Rana said the company has assembly facilities in Noida, meeting about 95% of the factory\'s sales needs in India.
He added that Panasonic is gradually increasing its capacity to about 8 lakh units per month.
The company is adding assembly lines and packaging lines to support its growth.
Panasonic introduced DJ 999 headphones for 12, 1200 rupees. The DJ 1200 is equipped with 41mm drive units with nd magnets with an input capacity of 1500 MW.
Rana said Panasonic expects to sell about 3 million units this fiscal year, up from one.
2 million last year.
\"While online sales account for about our sales, we are also focusing on expanding our retail business.
\"We have 250 exclusive showrooms that showcase our phones and we want to increase that number to 350,\" he added . \".
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