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Packaging magnet ( Type size | | | application specification note) _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-04-07
Packaging magnet ( Type size | | | application specification note) Magnets used in packaging industry, have a friend than experience could be seen, but it is not clear what is the scientific name of it, ndfeb, for this is a kind of magnetic force strong, most of the packaging, printing, handbag factory are relatively low performance ndfeb magnets, galvanized, cheap. Below for everyone to mainly introduce the magnet with the types of packaging industry, the common sizes, and the use of packaging magnet some matters needing attention. What kind of packaging industry magnet application types are there? Commonly used packaging magnet wafer magnets, square magnet, side suction magnets, and single magnetic ( In magnetic than iron shell) 。 What size is the packaging industry a magnet? In the packaging industry in 8 - square magnet length range Generally in 5 -, between 35 mm width 1-15 mm, thickness 3 mm, such as F10 * 5 * 3. Wafer in 8 - magnet/single magnetic diameter 1 -, between 15 mm thickness 2 mm, such as D15, 10 * 2 * 1. Magnet using packaging need to pay attention to? Packaging magnets because of relatively thin, use or design should avoid magnets directly to absorb collision, considering distance, to avoid damage. Packaging magnet applied in packing box above make sense? Packing box on the magnet in a lot of people look like a dispensable, actually otherwise. Packaging magnet occupy very important auxiliary part on the packaging, it can make the packing box is becoming more high-grade, more fashionable. Why do you say that? Cover ordinary packing box, it is done by something to cover? Using a lock? Or something else? In fact, is to use packing magnets, magnet installed on the box below, when bottom cover each other on the magnet suck each other, and then form a closed lock is similar. But the magnets in the choice of packaging, we as a magnet factory is necessary to tell you to pay attention to those problems. Magnet manufacturer of packaging magnet in each other will have a certain impact absorption, easy to crash the magnet, secondly because we use of ndfeb rare-earth sintered magnets, small hardness, toughness and fragility. So in the use of packaging magnets, need to install a plastic pad surface, avoid the magnet directly to absorb collision, or reserve a little distance of space. So, this will reduce the magnet hit two damage. Well, is introduced to here, if you need to purchase custom high performance ndfeb magnets, high temperature resistant strong magnets, remember to contact us.
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