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by:Newland     2019-09-10
Even in the traditional incarnation, black peopleand-
The carvings on the whiteboard are exquisite and always evoke images of battlefield and war, strategic games --
Game and patient operation.
Chess is a game that can be explained. It contains a lot of stories and meanings in its strange works and rich past.
So when art curators and promoters Sharan Apparao invited 25 artists to visit the game and then create their own version, an exciting and unique appearance called \"chess piece Art\" was presented by the Apparao Gallery.
Apparao, who has been fascinated by the idea of working with artists and boards for many years, said, \"in history, there have been some artists inspired by chess games.
Max Ernst and Marcel Duchamp made a board.
I have recently heard that Damian Hearst and some other artists have done the same.
I always thought I would use this idea.
It keeps coming back to visit and relive me with different things I read or hear.
Saran added that over the past few years, the gallery has paid more attention to the theme exhibition.
\"The more I think, the more I feel that we should do a group show where we can show artists with different lines.
Chess is one of the ideas, and I was more inspired by the fact that game and viswanzananand made headlines in India and decided to adopt the idea.
The briefing was simple, Sharan said.
Every artist is asked to create a board, which is a sculpture that can also be played.
The brief outlines a bright border for artists, with very different results and unique directions.
Ceramics, clay, laddoos, steel, wood, newspaper, glass, Braille-
Each board is built with materials and concepts that are rarely associated with chess before they board the board.
On the board, however, they live and weave in fun ways with the game\'s own concept. Auroville-
Based on the artist Adil Writer avoids traditional black and white on the board, selects monochrome and gray tones and uses the media he likes to use --soda-fired clay;
Inlaid old wood;
Every work is abstract, reminiscent of ancient sculptures, and now ruins.
The writer created six different panels for the exhibition.
His work, called the game of immortality, explores concepts of duality, evil and goodness, gray areas, and abstraction.
While the writer\'s work evokes an eternal, borderless world, the board of Uma Shankar paschak evokes the world of Mohab pokhardo, which is
Pathak also uses mixed media to create his sculptures using LED lights, digital prints and wooden chairs.
Interestingly, patak uses photos of famous historical figures from India and abroad
Mother Teresa, Abraham Lincoln, Nelson Mandela, etc.
Members of the board of directors and the chairman represented a discussion of conflicting opinions.
The exhibition has both conceptual and literal explanations. The exhibition is full of works that attract both imagination and attention.
Chennai-based George K.
Use laddoos as a chess board for chess pieces, or N.
The vertical and metal plates of Ramachandran use newspapers and high-strength magnets, and the exhibition draws you in.
As soon as you get closer, these pieces reveal their story, layer by layer, and the original charm makes it so that it is understood and appreciated.
It is currently on display at Apparao Gallery in Delhi and has recently seen some collections at the Indian art fair in Delhi.
\"The reaction at the fair was great.
There are so many booths and artists at the show that some of the things in your booth have to capture imagination.
\"No other booth has such a theme and people just like the idea,\" Apparao said . \".
Apparao also wants other versions of the show.
\"I have worked with many artists and I have chosen some names that I know that are both capable and have a tendency to perform.
I also asked some people I haven\'t worked with, but the intuition tells me that they will be interested in the show and add aesthetic value to it.
Some people I asked said no.
When they came to the exhibition, they said they wanted them not to refuse.
Saran hopes to make these artists, as well as other interested artists, part of the next exhibition.
Apparao is trying to set a timetable for holding exhibitions abroad across the country.
\"On February 26, we will show about 10 sets at Leela Galleria in Bengaluru.
Then we would like to have a summer show on June, July and in Chennai.
We are also trying to bring it to Hyderabad, Jaipur and Kolkata, as well as some places abroad.
This is a big exhibition and even if we can\'t take everything we will take as much as we can.
The \"pieces art\" exhibition at Apparao Gallery in New Delhi will go to Chennai, Hyderabad, Jaipur and Kolkata.
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