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outlet mall opens up north

by:Newland     2019-11-21
Shoppers looking for high-end and luxury fashion brands will not wait and see when Penang design village officially opens.
Located in the picturesque town of Bandar Cassia in batucah Bay, the first ever shopping mall in the northern region features a discounted sale of international and regional brand fashion stores.
The 400-square-meter shop, built on 150-square-foot land, sits between lush tropical gardens and the charming anchor shop known as the \"jewelry box.
Outlets mall developed by PE Land (Penang)
With 2,500 parking spaces, rest and children\'s play areas, security escorts and a variety of food stores, Sdn Bhd has not changed at all when considering the safety and comfort of its customers.
Conveniently located less than five minutes north
The attraction of the South Highway and the Second Penang Bridge is growing.
Allan Soo, general manager of Savills Malaysia, said shoppers may be spoiled for discount offers, which usually go up to 70%, which seems to be a yearround sale.
\"The shopping mall of nearly £ 70% offers a variety of fashion labels that are popular
Street brands, children\'s fashion toy stores, sports and outdoor options, household items and food and beverage stores.
\"With GAP, BVO (
Export of best value)
, Sacoor Brothers, woodland, Superdry, Esprit, Guess, Levi\'s, Samsonite, kids of cotton, cotton, Converse Everlast, skic, Adidas, in addition to famous brands such as coffee beans, Starbucks and Wendy coffee, we are also for people of all ages. “The open-
Air mall does not have a basement or upper floor and has a wind tunnel designed to be a mall to provide constant airflow, \"Soo said at a press conference held before the mall\'s launch on Wednesday.
Ling, executive director at PE Land, said Penangites is now looking for new shopping centers and shopping experiences offered by the design village.
\"The mall will also provide jobs for the retail and service industries, taking into account the growing pursuit of high
\"Working in the knowledge and service industry,\" she said . \"
Tay Ai Leen, general manager of design village, said the mall plans to attract shoppers from the island through its designated shuttle bus to provide free rides for visitors to and from Gurney Avenue (
In front of Hotel G)and Komtar (
In front of CIMB at Prangin Mall)daily.
\"We also work closely with tour guides and operators to familiarize them with the mall and bring visitors to the mall,\" she said . \".
Tay said that on December, with the arrival of Christmas, interesting activities were planned for tourists, while more was planned for the upcoming Chinese New Year, Valentine\'s Day and the Harry Raya celebrations
Lin Guanying, chief minister of the launch mall, said he believes the design village will attract tourists as it is only 30 minutes from Penang International Airport and 40 minutes from George.
As part of the fun celebrations and events of December, there will be an interesting Fair to celebrate Christmas and weekend themed performances throughout the month.
There are also some interesting activities, such as a little clown with a great mind, a color match, a shiny little star concert, and Christmas long run Penang.
The mall also installed a carousel and a children\'s playground for children to enjoy until February.
Outlets mall is open from ten o\'clock A. M. to ten o\'clock P. M. every day.
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