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Originally a magnet so fun!

by:Newland     2020-04-20
Life is a surprise, have a pair of good at discovering beautiful eyes will bring us a lot of fun, originally a magnet so fun! See the following article you'll want to start to try yourself. The magnet is more common in young children life items, characteristics of the magnet to absorb iron determine it is children's favorite. At ordinary times, children magnet to the teacher on the dashboard are always can't help but to touch, suck a suction, and have some fun. Activity area in the fishing game always attract children, when teeming with fish is magnet hook up is so happy! But they just play, also have no knowledge of construction. The activity of the target, is to let children through its own exploration, found that the magnet has the property of absorb iron or iron products. Operating activities, I designed three exploration activities, step by step guide children perception characteristics of magnets iron or iron products. Operation for the first time, I provide children with an iron plate and the magnet, by having the children free play plate magnets, magnet to discover can absorb small plate, can absorb the mystery. The second operation, is the focus of this activity, I through questions & other; Magnets can absorb all things? ” “ What do magnets can absorb? Can't absorb what things? ” To cause children's desire to explore, and provides the sticks, cloth, paper clips, folders, plastic materials, such as building blocks, 1 yuan coin to let every sample material use magnets to have a try, the purpose is to let children find magnet to absorb iron or iron products. Operation, for the third time is the second time in ascension on the operation, let the children through the plastic, cardboard or foam board to play the magnet, the purpose is to let children through exploration, found that the magnet through the characteristics of the object can absorb iron. The whole event, I can explore from the child's own operation to perceive and understand the magnet can iron absorption characteristics, a strong interest in young children, atmosphere relaxed and active, every child has the chance to try, to explore, discover the mystery of the magnet, also inspired children watch, tell, desire to communicate. Each operation, I can understand that replacement operation requirements, kids, can prompt summary after about ascension, but as scientific activities, language and more specifications. Activities, I can give children about opportunities and encourage children's bold, positive about his findings, but behind the activity, give the child bold to say, to explore and think the time is insufficient, some urgent to cast the result come out, in the process of communication, or heavy result, light process, after that it is worth noting that in any activities. While at the same time, the first operating activities of kids' interest is very high, but the magnet to absorb what is experience, thus can directly by the import life experience, and then directly into the second operation part, let more time in after two operations, give more opportunities for children to explore and to think, to communicate their findings. Third plate is also ready to operation, therefore some desktop material, cause children's operating inconvenience. If in the previous material directly choose to put a few larger material such as wood or cardboard, you can directly use these materials to explore, thus simplify the many materials, materials, better service for young children. Site does not arrange the position, everything is equal to zero technical support: all network company address: China guangdong dongguan dongguan city based wangniudun town pier five chung industrial zone telephone: 0769 - The 81313183 guangdong ICP for 16113157
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