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\'origami meat robot\' is a thing now, thanks to science and pig intestines (video)

by:Newland     2020-02-25
The latest incarnation of the \"oriami\" robot comes from researchers at MIT, the University of Sheffield and the Tokyo Institute of Technology.
They want their mini robot to be able to climb through the stomach wall, mend the wound, or remove the swallowed object like a watch (aka button)batteries.
The team considered the possibility of more than a dozen different robotic materials, but \"it took a lot of time in the Asian and Chinatown markets to find the materials, and they found dry pig intestines in sausage casings.
There is a permanent magnet in the folds of the meat accordion, which can manipulate the robot with an external magnetic field, and can pick up the battery placed in the stomach, according to the data of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, this happens to thousands of children in the United States every year (CDC).
Some of the robot\'s actions come from paddling the fins.
Like liquid in the stomach.
The red pig sausage is folded into a transparent capsule for easy consumption, although it is not known if it can show the real nature of the matrix to the user.
In the United States alone, it is estimated that 3,500 batteries are swallowed each year, and the contact of the battery with the esophagus or stomach will lead to the current that produces hydrogen oxides, which in turn will burn the tissue
\"It\'s really exciting to see our small origami robots do something that has potentially important applications for healthcare,\" said Professor Daniela Rus of MIT . \".
\"For applications within the body, we need a small, controlled, untethered robotic system.
The developers of the robot originally released their product in 2015, but it was plastic at the time.
Folding up when heating is based on creation.
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