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Ordinary magnets and ndfeb strong magnet compared advantage in where?

by:Newland     2020-05-05
Many customers choose our magnets have such a doubt, that is, I should choose what kind of magnet, ndfeb strong magnet ferrite magnet is better to choose? A strong magnet and the difference between ordinary magnet in where? Shenzhen star and magnetic industry manufacturers to tell you! Strong magnetic: children hand tool is based on how many COINS suction market standards, and a strong magnet is its magnetic force several times and even hundreds times. Powerful magnet magnetic force strong, general installation these powerful magnet of the workers have to be careful, avoid to cause injuries, visible how strong the magnetic force. Ndfeb strong magnet resistance good: ordinary magnet in the air will be constantly demagnetization, degaussing. Powerful magnet is given priority to with rare element, its itself has the very high coercive force, in the natural environment and under normal circumstances, could not affect its magnetic force, to ensure the stability of magnetic force. In exposed magnet, ndfeb strong magnet on the surface of the plating can well ensure the magnet is not affected by acid and alkali substances such as corrosion. Ndfeb strong magnet high heat resistance: the limit of the powerful magnets and Curie temperature is stronger than the ordinary magnet. Whether the powerful magnet materials used are superior to lodestone, so the magnet itself can withstand the limits of temperature rise greatly, ensure the machine can be used in the machine temperature operation. Ndfeb strong magnet hardness hard: powerful magnet density of the added rare element, make a magnet than ordinary magnet for hard a lot. When use did not avoid collisions, will not affect the integrity of the magnet. While magnet for fragile can't keep the appearance for a long time. Precision fine: powerful magnets detailed sex good, as the tolerance in size and magnetic numerical performance, have a professional machine such as gauss meter to measure, suggests that the magnetization direction, makes the error can be ignored, and ordinary magnet products production process is rough, don't calculate for the other error, greatly reduce the function of the already available. Practical and save sex: ndfeb strong magnet magnet for strong not only in performance than ordinary magnets, magnet, its usefulness is far more than ordinary can meet the special needs of various customers. And save sex and not good, ordinary magnet cannot use for a long time, and powerful magnets preserve integrity can be suitable for various cases of large quantities of inventory.
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