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One-sided magnets and magnet specific difference is introduced

by:Newland     2020-03-26
About whether one magnet double magnet you are silly points not clear, magnet manufacturers today xiaofu came, and said to the one-sided magnets and magnet specific differences, why some customer want to use single magnet? Single magnet what features does it have? How much the price is cheaper than double magnet and so on a series of problems. Before the said single magnet, we first need to understand what is the single magnet? Single magnet is mainly used in where? Can not clear see the article 'what is a single magnet before single magnet features introduced by some occasions need only one side of magnetic, on the other side if you have a magnetic interference can cause damage to the product itself or etc. , so this time need to single magnet. Like magnets on some occasions, such as packaging, it only need a magnetic, dispensable, on the other side of magnetic is useless, so using a single magnetic will greatly reduce the cost and save magnetic materials. In magnet industry one-sided magnetic and magnetic in nature are the same, are ndfeb magnet, just is a single magnet in terms of cost is lower, is made up of a steel casing assembly one magnet, so wrapped side will be magnetic shielding, magnetic force is shifted to the other side, the other side magnetism will increase. And double magnet is a common wafer magnets, and no package. One magnet double magnet price compared to the price, the same specifications of the single magnet is lower than double magnets, magnetic intensity were similar, also the one side of the main magnet is saved cost, reduced its specifications. Single magnet double magnet order the company can be customized, double-sided magnetic powerful magnets, if you need to order bulk wholesale, welcome to contact CARDS Ricky. Check our more magnet sample picture: http://www. 勇气, 磁铁。 com/chanpin/
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