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On February 28, the domestic rare earth market prices to rise

by:Newland     2020-04-11
On February 28, rare earth index at 344 points, with flat yesterday, cycle peak (1000 2011 - 12 - 6) Fell by 65. Low 60%, compared with 2015 - September 13, 271 points up 26. 94%. ( Note: the cycle refers to the 2011 - 12 - 01 yet) 。 Rare earth metals in the metal neodymium for an average of 390000 yuan/ton; Dysprosium metal for an average of 165. 50000 yuan/ton; Metal praseodymium average price 660000 yuan/ton. Rare earth oxides in neodymium praseodymium oxide average price of 30. 650000 yuan/ton; Dysprosium oxide price 1. 27 million yuan/ton; Praseodymium oxide for an average of 39. 750000 yuan/ton; Neodymium oxide for an average of 30. 750000 yuan/ton. In the rare earth alloy metal neodymium praseodymium prices for 390000 yuan/ton; Dysprosium ferroalloy price average price 5000 yuan/ton to 127. 50000 yuan/ton. Rare earth floor enterprise just starts recently, the domestic rare earth market cold and cheerless, most of the rare earth market commodity prices stable, merchants for dysprosium terbium series products such as inquiry, dysprosium and iron prices are rising, but praseodymium neodymium series product prices low, the price is low. Rare earth market price volatility is associated with a nationwide environmental protection supervision, there is a special production, especially some products have radiation hazard made stricter environmental regulation. Under the scrutiny of environmental protection, several provinces of rare earth separation production enterprises have led to the decrease of the rare earth oxides market supply, rare earth products prices firm. Especially some mainstream of rare earth oxides, supply nervous, rare earth market part of commodity prices steady, recent field of large enterprise groups have their willingness, rare earth market better, but for the product price each big manufacturer is also cautious wait-and-see. Recent rare earth export prices in general, making imports is normal, but the volume is limited, because of the rare earths are low level for a long time. Recently started to hunt down again, the state environmental protection department for a greater influence on the rare earth industry, starts the rare earth industry is relatively low, the market cold and cheerless. Before this, rare earth production province jiangxi 6 departments jointly issued a rare earth's special operation documents, from September 2018 to January 2019 in special supervision. Due to regulatory effect becoming, rare earth industry upstream undressed ore resources supply atrophy, rare earth industry market for cold and cheerless. A: how magnets made? Next article: how to do well the quality of ndfeb magnet
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