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Often contact a lot of strong magnetic items ( Ndfeb) Have a harm to human body? _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-04-07
Often contact a lot of strong magnetic items ( Ndfeb) Harm to the body big yao often contact a lot of strong magnetic items ( Ndfeb) Big to body harm? It depends on the specific circumstances. Ndfeb is produced by the static magnetic field, magnetic field does not produce electromagnetic radiation. Secondly, the static magnetic field on the human body function, at present the scientific community has no clear conclusion; Strong magnetic field may have an impact on the human body, but also the lack of scientific data. Besides ndfeb magnet fields such as attenuation quickly, generally 5 - leave the magnet 10 cm magnetic field has been very weak, will not have a harm to human body. We all live the earth is one of the biggest magnetic field, only the magnetic field of magnetic force is very weak. The magnet itself is also a magnetic field, rather than radiation! It is enough to illustrate magnet itself there is no harm to people. Ndfeb what circumstances will cause harm to human body? 1, children's toys have been a lot of this dangerous cases. Children's toys, the magnet swallowed into the belly, and then the outside also has a magnet, the magnet attraction, in the accident. Accident or death. It's dangerous. Suggest that children under the age of 7 don't play with magnetic toys. 2, who wear pacemakers with super magnetic ndfeb magnet, who wear pacemakers must pay attention to, don't stand too close to ndfeb magnets, especially on the chest. As long as you keep a distance of 1 meter. This is a safe distance. 3, ndfeb magnet use note: use of ndfeb magnets, should be paid attention to its magnetic force strong, access, don't hard, is not directly. Translation should be a magnet, and then from another magnet, grasping the magnets, keep your distance. Don't suddenly sucked together! ! ! If suddenly sucked together will produce great danger. Metal iron parts don't get close to ndfeb magnets, suddenly sucked together. Will produce risk. But should pay attention to when using points: one is in a strong magnetic, pay attention to the hand not to be clamped; The second is to prevent over its working temperature, the brand is not the same; Three is ndfeb material brittle, fragile, must pay attention to when using the touch. Overall: ndfeb is itself a magnetic material, no harm to human body, but in the special use case will have a negative impact, and the use of the crowd that is about the interpretation of the ndfeb strong magnet have a harm to human body, the above content from ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers website editor.
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