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observation of two types of fractional excitation in the kitaev honeycomb magnet

by:Newland     2019-10-30
Quantum spin liquid is a disordered but highly entangled magnetic state with fractional spin excitation.
The ground state of a precisely solved Kitaev cellular model may be its clearest example.
Under the magnetic field, the spin flip in this model breaks down into two types of anyon, a quasi-particle with more complex exchange statistics than the standard fermions or bosses: A pair of regular flux and a Mallorca fermilion 2, 3.
Here, we demonstrate this subdivision of the cellular magnet α-Kitaev in the normal magnetic stateRuCl3.
The spin excitation gap determined by MRI is predicted by the Majorana fermion contribution and finite zero-after applying the magnetic fields 2, 4, 5 cubes-
Field contribution matching the predicted dimensions of measured flux gap 2, 6.
Observed subdivision of anyons with gaps in a wide range of temperatures and magnetic fields, which establishes α-
RuCl 3 is a unique platform for future investigation of anyons.
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