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Novice how to choose and buy square powerful magnets?

by:Newland     2020-03-12
Here, what call summary? I will not say in detail. Major share with you today square some knowledge of the powerful magnets of choose and buy, want to choose and buy of ndfeb square magnet friends help! As the people who engaged in magnet industry, small make up it is necessary to say with you: strong magnet (ndfeb square shapes specification Figure) 1, square magnet processing cost and directly affect the price mainly by three factors: how many (batch Ladder quotation) , specifications and shapes ( Square roughly regular rectangle, trapezoidal, perforated, sink hole) , the size of the tolerance ( Especially the small square magnet, use on the micro precision instruments, very strict tolerance control rules; If process cannot achieve, will need to artificial selection, and has the very high scrap rate) 。 In general the smaller the bulk, the higher the price; The more complex shape, the manufacturing cost is higher; Tolerance is strict, the higher the processing cost. 2, the characteristics of ndfeb material is hard and brittle, after magnetizing of weight is more than 600 times their own weight, absorbs knock against. And can't use the magnet for magnetic separation. Generally feel more, lead to wear and tear. 3, because of ndfeb is easy to corrode, generally are either galvanized or nickel plating coating requirements. Galvanized iron with plating NieDou is the silver-white metal, but more shiny nickel plating with corrosion resistant, at the same time the cost will be higher. Plating thickness tolerance range: zinc: 0. 005 - 0. 008mm; 倪:0。 015 - 0. 020 4, sintered ndfeb is divided according to the grades of temperature requirements. Brands are: N35 - N52( ≤80℃) ,35M— 50M( ≤100℃) 30H——, 48H( ≤120℃) ,30SH— 45 sh ( ≤140℃) uh - 28日 35哦( ≤160℃) 28EH——, 35是吧( ≤180℃) 。 ( On the brand, the more, the higher the performance, but also the higher the price. Please consult customer service, we will with professional reply you. ) 5, strong magnetic ndfeb is divided into two kinds, sintered ndfeb magnet, The above) With bonded ndfeb. Bonded ndfeb is need to open mold, commonly used in motor, sensor, smart home, because can make multi-polar magnet, more symmetrical in circles. Higher magnetic performance. General plating for epoxy resin. Post card by the magnet manufacturer Ricky xiaofu share, square magnet custom quotation proofing consultation: 15907695562 squares powerful magnets related article: 1, square magnet wholesale don't careless, the magnetization direction wrong very troublesome 2, how to choose and buy the car motor magnetic tile with good quality
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