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【 Note 】 High temperature resistant strong magnet demagnetization oh

by:Newland     2020-03-12
Buy most customers are think more magnetic magnet, strong magnetic powerful magnets, some don't because of high tenacity magnets, magnet applications environment, may need to be high temperature resistant powerful magnets, but you know not to know high-temperature strong magnet demagnetization also? Most customers use magnets N35, N38 can solve, Such as medical equipment, health products, electronic products, packaging products, etc. ) , for some of the requirements under the performance of the N35 magnet, because of poor stability, we don't do, we all started out as a standard material N35 factory department. N40 above performance is relatively good, of course the price is expensive, commonly used in mobile phones, like precision instruments, aerospace empty, cutting-edge scientific research. Heat-resistant magnet is commonly used in motor more customers; There are some special customers occasionally use; So if the client consider to high performance, high temperature resistant and and then suggest using the following properties: 1, the data back ends in M, for example: N50M heat resistance at 100 ℃ or less commonly 2, data back ends in H, for example: N48M heat resistance at 120 ℃ or less commonly 3, data back ends in SH, for example: N45SH heat resistance at 150 ℃ or less commonly 4, data back ends in UH, for example: N35UH heat resistance at 180 ℃ or less 5, data back ends in EH, for example: N50M heat resistance is in commonly 200 ℃ or less 6, data back to the end AH, for example: N35AHM heat resistance at 220 ℃ or less commonly the above five kinds of performance are high temperature resistant type, if once behind the super established temperature, magnet demagnetization. So high temperature resistant strong magnet do not represent not demagnetization. High-temperature magnet and aluminum nickel and cobalt, samarium cobalt, cobalt chromium iron, etc. And the performance of these materials have different type. If you have to have a high temperature resistant strong magnet purchase wholesale demand, welcome to contact our quotation! Related high-temperature magnet guess you more attention; Ndfeb magnet demagnetization of high temperature is the most effective solution
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