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north ward icon on the hill for sale

by:Newland     2019-09-12
The infinity-
Edge pool at 5 North Ward Fryer Street.
Source: Andrew Kemp, a basketball supporter at Townsville, loves him a lot.
Five years ago, when he first discovered the 5 Fryer St, he lived on the 5 Fryer St in addition to the lack of outside space.
Moving from the planting area to the North Ward in order to get to school and work more conveniently, he quickly resolved the problem, turning an open space above the garage into a half-time for himself and his three teenage children to play basketball.
\"You will want to shoot because if you miss it, you have a distance of about half a metre on both sides, otherwise it will roll over the beam,\" he said . \".
\"We also had movie nights with the projector there, and we had a fireplace that turned it into an outdoor area.
\"Basketball Court/outdoor cinema located at 5 North Ward Fryer Street.
Source: supplier 5-
Nestled in Mount Melton, the storey house is a bit like the North Ward sign, and it has the advantage that it is not within walking distance of the waterfront park, the beach and the city.
\"You don\'t have a neighbor, it\'s a quiet street,\" said Mr Camp . \".
\"The only busy time is around 25 in the morning at 8 and the school pick-up at three o\'clock P. M. “It’s a one-
So the traffic is not very crowded.
\"Mr. Camp, a real estate developer, made another improvement to the house after completing the self-renovation
Apartment included. The self-
Apartment located on the ground floor of No. 5 North Ward Fryer Street.
Source: The supply \"this is the storage area under the House and is always set up as Grandma\'s apartment,\" he said . \".
\"We call it a teen resort but you can have a nanny or visitor there as there is a full room under the Housecontained.
\"Kitchen and living area on the fourth floor, 5 North Ward Fryer Street.
Source: supply EDA built many terraces with spectacular views, but it can be said that the best place to watch the sun fall on the ocean is from an infinite distance --
Swim in the salt water pool.
\"You can see Castle Hill, Magnetic Island, and you can see Palm Island on clear days,\" Mr Camp said . \".
\"You basically have 260 views.
North Ward Fryer Street 5 is just a few steps from the beach.
Source: The desire to supply camp families to scale down is behind the scenes of selling their six childrenbedroom, four-
The bathroom is located on a land of 848sqm.
Tracey Stack, McGrath\'s sales agent, described the property as a \"functional masterpiece \".
\"It has a lot of unique features and five levels of advanced dating, including unlimited
Rooftop basketball court, 5 KW solar system, Sonos in-
The ceiling speaker system, the 900 bottle wine cellar, the retractable Phantom screen and the plumbing vacuum system, \"she said.
\"The new owner will like to see strand-
Side events like the New Year\'s fireworks show and sky show come from the comfort of their spacious balcony.
\"This home does represent the best things Townsville has to offer.
\"It went public for $2. 55 million.
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