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nist scientists image ring magnets using sempa. (news briefs).

by:Newland     2019-11-04
NIST researchers worked with the University of Cambridge film magnetic team to use NIST scanning electron microscopy with polarization analysis (SEMPA)
A device capable of directly imaging the magnetic domain structure of the intermediary ring magnet studied.
These thousand-foot-sized rings and discs, made of thin patterns of cobalt
The film is the basis of a new type of non-volatile magnetic random access memory, and the SEMPA measurement provides the first image of various magnetic structures in the magnet.
Some of the magnetic structures observed and based on early non-spatially-
Resolution, magnetic measurement of these films.
However, additional, unexpected domain wall structures were also found.
Knowledge about the Nano-magnetic structures of various magnetic states and how these states are transformed from each other provides the key to determining whether these patterned magnetic structures will produce useful, repeatable magnetic memories
Contact: John Unguris ,(301)975-3712; john. unguris@nist. gov.
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