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new limb-lengthening technology may reduce complications for sufferers of crippling deformities

by:Newland     2019-10-21
Moley brodorfIndelicato (
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Screaming wakes up Lanz ellensworth
Very loud, very harsh.
They came from his daughter\'s bedroom. At 8:30 p. m.
Ellensworth and his wife hid their youngest son, Lindsay, in there for the night.
They read her bedtime stories, kissed her on the cheek, and climbed out of the room.
Six hours later, their little girl felt a trembling pain.
In the middle of the night, Lindsay moved a little in her sleep.
Her extremely fragile left leg was divided into multiple pieces.
She woke up from her dream and fell into a living nightmare.
\"When I woke up that night, what I kept repeating was that someone hit me with a sledgehammer,\" Lindsay said . \".
\"That\'s how it feels.
Someone smashed my leg with something.
I just scream.
Lindsay, a small, eight with freckles. year-
Old, used to pain.
She was born with a congenital limb deformity known as \"femoral dysplasia\", one of which was more than two centimeters shorter than the other.
As many as 100,000 people have been diagnosed with limb disease
US length barrierS.
According to Bart Buckman, vice president of Irvine Oval technology, California, every year
Orthopedic company.
If not treated, this condition can lead to chronic pain, loss of mobility, degenerative arthritis, and weak scoliosis, an abnormal and painful curvature of the spine that usually lasts
Parents whose children are seriously different at birth or shortly thereafter (
The estimated range is from two-to three-
Difference above centimeter)
Decisions must be made
Remove a shorter limb or promise to extend the course of treatment to balance it.
\"Can you imagine having a child who loves that child and someone tells you that part of your child\'s leg has to be cut off?
David Hootnick is a plastic surgeon in the County of onongda, New York. Y.
He studied congenital malformation.
\"Can you imagine the emotional stress you have to go through? \"Limb-
From the beginning of 1950, when a small number of doctors began to practice, significant progress had been made in extending the technology.
Gavriil Ilizarov invented the external fixing bracket in Russia, a device he imitated the harness.
Now there are about 100 surgeons in the United States. S. perform limb-
Extending the time of surgery, the new internal procedure can expand the range of activities of patients and reduce complications.
The device, called \"Precice\", received the United StatesS.
The Food and Drug Administration approves consumer use, but is still relatively unknown in the larger medical community. [
Check out the slides for Precice technology. ]
The most common procedure so far for children with inconsistent legs is
The one for Lindsay\'s surgery-
It is an external \"fixing device.
\"The surgeon divides the patient\'s bones in half and separates them so that the body\'s natural healing ability can fill the gaps with new bones, thus prolonging the limb.
John Blanco is an expert in pediatric orthopedics and scoliosis at the special surgery hospital in New York City and has been operating for many years.
Under general anesthesia, Blanco drilled the screws into the top and bottom of the affected bone.
The screws are fixed in the metal frame and the metal frame will stabilize the leg during and after the operation.
After a small incision in the leg, Blanco took a hammer and split the bone in two.
It was a dull sound, he said, like tapping on wood --
More of a thwack than a snapshot.
The finished product is like a building covered with legs.
By manually screwing the screws at both ends of the fixture, separate the discrete bones and extend an average of 1 leg.
25 centimeters a day.
The body regenerate bones and can fill the gap in a few hours.
\"You gradually stretch the healed bones, just like the salt water toffee,\" Blanco said . \".
Once the desired length is reached, the fixture is removed by Blanco.
Physical therapy was followed for several months.
Patients through any limb
The extension program relearns how to bend your knees, rotate your ankles, walk and swim.
If all goes well, the limbs are equal in length and the range of motion is average.
Unfortunate patients may suffer from multiple complications such as fractures, scars, accidents, etc.
Gait and arthritis, as well as pain in the hip and knee and disc. About 500 limb-
Baltimore\'s Sinai Peninsula Hospital has extended surgery every year.
Doctors there have partnered with elliptical technology to promote new inner limbs
Extension law.
The external fixer is invasive and ensures post-operative weight loss, inflammation, pustules oozing and decreased mobility
Problems mentioned
Debbie stanissky said that in the best case, patients receiving routine treatment will have at least two complications, such as the fracture of Lindsay, an honorary professor at the Children\'s Hospital in South Carolina.
Precice technology claims to be much less painful than the external fixing bracket and much easier to manage.
The newer mechanism relies on rare earth magnets, which are made of neodymium iron and boron alloys, and rotating spiral gears to extend the fixed rod inserted into the bone.
The doctor conducts magnetic guidance to the gearbox through the hand-held controller, and the operation is carried out completely within the skeleton, thus minimizing the risk of infection because there is no open wound.
So far, Sinai Hospital has implanted internal fixation in 31 patients, and the preliminary results seem promising.
This method is much safer than the external limb.
Extend the method, reduce the incidence of complications by 75%, said John hesenberg, director of the Sinai International limb extension center.
It was a tough decision when Ellingsworths chose to get Lindsay into trouble
They were aware of the consequences of extending the operation.
What they didn\'t bargain about was how painful it was to watch their little girl go through the external fixation process.
The extended limbs were never as strong as before treatment.
In Lindsay\'s case, her femur was unable to bear the weight of the body and broke.
In order to prevent her bones from breaking again, Lindsay needs the stability of the external fixation bracket metal frame, which has been removed prematurely.
According to the doctor, one of her parents has to reconnect the frame to the screw on her leg
Leftovers from early surgery
Ellingsworth fixed the steel bars of the holder to the screws deep in the bones of Lindsay with an Allen wrench.
For an hour, when Lindsay\'s mother held her tight, the frightened father fiddled with the brace.
Lock the wrench. Dry her tears.
Screw the wrench.
Listen to her screamRepeat.
When it was over, ellensworth hugged his child tightly in the hope that he would ease some of the burden on her shoulders.
Lindsay is only 8 years old. This is only the first time that many people have followed up.
Legs can only stretch about 12.
7 centimeters each time, so the patient must have multiple operations.
\"The rest of their lives will be extended,\" said Dolin dipasquah, plastic surgeon at Sharp Memorial Hospital in San Diego, California.
\"This is unfair to the child. . . It\'s a quality-of-life issue.
\"There are no specific rules for managing limbs --
Because each operation is very unique, the number and duration of extended surgery is determined by the doctor personally.
Hootnick said this led to a series of unnecessary operations.
Surgeons tend to do what they do best. operate.
Often, safer options like amputations are overlooked, especially the progress of the prosthesis.
Under pressure from social standards, parents who are eager to keep their children \"normal\" do not question medical advice.
Is the prosthesis a better choice?
For those with poor development
The most common form of Dwar Confucianism
Limb extension is not a big decision.
If there is no surgery, few people will face the risk of spinal cord fusion as they grow older.
As a result, severe scoliosis limited them to wheelchairs.
Still, hortnick thinks most limb extensions are unreasonable.
He said it is the doctor\'s responsibility not to cause the injury, but the operation will not cause anything but the injury.
He added that surgeons need to take more responsibility for pushing people on this path.
\"Our doctors are able to guide patients in the direction that we think things should go, simply because people rarely know what we\'re talking about,\" Hootnick said . \".
\"You can\'t understand the complexity of an action --
You never ate it.
\"Looking back, Honick said that shortening Lindsay\'s legs and putting artificial limbs on her would hurt the ellensworth family and hurt their daughter.
Lindsay, 25, recently underwent 11 surgery related to physical differences.
She spent most of her teenage years in the hospital and outside the hospital, tied with wires on the external fixing bracket.
She now owns a house in northern New York and serves as an emergency medical technician.
Her leg problem is always a burden due to the complications of arthritis.
Still, ellensworth said he made the right choice despite his daughter\'s pain.
Lindsay is not sure.
She often wondered what childhood would look like without surgery and chronic pain.
\"Sometimes I wish I was the one with a prosthetic limb,\" she said . \".
\"It has always been possible, but I think I will never know with this choice.
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