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New energy vehicles to detonate ndfeb permanent magnet materials

by:Newland     2020-05-05
Ndfeb magnets used widely nowadays, involved in various industries, but also a friend for ndfeb permanent magnet material is not very understanding, star and magnetic industry today will take you to understand, simple said ndfeb permanent magnet material magnet harder than ordinary, the rare earth elements, neodymium iron and boron, which composition and high coercive force, magnetic energy all kinds of such features is often widely used in various equipment, has good mechanical properties. Recent market demand for the supply of new energy vehicles has been rising continuously, ndfeb as an important material, electric cars is growing steadily recently tesla order than expected, causing new energy automotive industry chain increasing attention. Ministry of industry and information minister MiaoWei has previously said, production and marketing of new energy vehicles last year more than 30 units, this year is expected to more than double than last year. According to the agency, each hybrids than traditional car multi-purpose nd-fe-b materials about 3 kg, pure electric vehicles to use 5 kg to 10 kg. By 2020, our country needs up to 4. 40000 tons/year, global demand is close to 100000 tons, potential broad market space.
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