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New energy vehicles of ndfeb magnet industry promotes greatly

by:Newland     2020-05-04
Production car motor using ndfeb magnet has no requirements of technical problems of driving system of electric vehicles is high torque density and high reliability, operation torque control ability is good, and high requirement ndfeb magnetic energy product and high coercive force and high working temperature. Due to the magnetic energy product and coercive force opposing each other, need to compromise solution. Commonly used brand about N42 ndfeb magnets used in automobile motor. By adding the rare metal dysprosium, can elevate working temperature to 400 degrees Celsius, satisfies the requirement of vehicle. Through Europe and the United States, domestic automobile enterprises, domestic ndfeb magnets meet the technical requirements, is ready, only, and other orders. In the domestic high-end ndfeb production enterprises, with the automobile manufacturers, motor manufacturers, cooperative development, already has a production car motor with summary of ability. Products have been domestic, European and American auto makers, technology and quality is no problem. Although haven't got orders at present, the domestic enterprise production readiness, it may be said 'is ready, only owe the east wind'. New energy vehicles demand for ndfeb is as follows: HEV: every than traditional car multi-purpose ndfeb about 3 kg; EV: currently, there are two kinds of technology solutions. A is the use of rare earth permanent magnet motor as the engine, each one should use ndfeb 5 - 10 kg; Is another kind of wheels, the load in the wheel motor, if such two wheel drive, need to use ndfeb 10 - per car 20 kg; If 4 wheel drive, the need to 20 - ndfeb 40 kg. This report USES the value in the solution, namely each EV multi-purpose ndfeb 10 kg. Kearney predicts that by 2020 the global hybrid vehicles ( HEV) Needs ndfeb production super tens of millions of vehicles, directly from 3. 80000 tons/year. According to the forecast kearney, hybrid electric vehicles (2010 HEV) Accounts for 3% of global car production, by 2020, HEV will account for 17% of the world's car production. Are expected to reach 60 million, global auto production in 2010 is expected to increase to 75 million in 2020. By this reckoning, 2020 global HEV production 12. 75 million. Each HEV multi-purpose ndfeb 3 kilograms, than a conventional automobile bring 3 ndfeb demand. 80000 tons. Pure electric vehicles ( EV) By 2020, more than 6 million vehicles worldwide, ndfeb demand for 60000 tons/year. 9 years by the new energy automobile needs of ndfeb. 80000 tons/year. Automotive ndfeb price is $70 / kg, according to a $1 = 6. 77 yuan, 2020 by new energy vehicles in the world of ndfeb market size of 46. 6 billion yuan. The number of new energy vehicles has been explosive growth in China. From 2010 to 2020, according to the domestic new energy cars grown from 20000 to 5. 26 million, the compound growth rate of 74%. Among them, the hybrid ( HEV) From 1. 350000 rose to 1. 24 million, compound growth rate of 57%; Pure electric vehicles ( EV) From zero. 70000 rose to 4. 02 million, compound growth rate of 89%. In 2020, the domestic electric vehicle ndfeb market scale will exceed 20 billion yuan. By 2020, the Chinese market demand for ndfeb magnet is 4. 40000 tons/year. Electric vehicle summary of the price is about $70 / kg, according to a $1 = 6. 77 yuan conversion, by 2020, the domestic electric vehicle ndfeb market size is about 20. 8 billion yuan. New energy vehicles of ndfeb magnet industry promotes great considering traditional ndfeb magnet demand scale. From 1996 to 2008, the global scale of ndfeb industry grown from $900 million to $3. 6 billion or so, compound growth rate of 12%. Optimistic industry is expected to keep the compound growth rate of 10%, to 2020, traditional ndfeb market is $11. 6 billion, equivalent to 77. 4 billion yuan. In 2020, according to our forecast, global scope of new energy vehicles alone bring ndfeb needs 46. 6 billion yuan, accounting for 60% of the traditional demand. It can be said that the new energy vehicles will be ndfeb industry's most important market in the future.
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