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nearly naked waffle house shooting suspect, who reportedly thought taylor swift was stalking him, sent delusional texts to dad

by:Newland     2019-08-24
The man accused of killing four people in Nashville\'s Waffle House used to send text messages to his father, in which he interrupted his daily chat with wishful ranting. Police say 29-year-
On April 22, old Travis Redkin shot outside the restaurant and rushed into the restaurant, almost naked, wearing only a green jacket.
Police said there would be more casualties if not fast
Thinking restaurant owner wrestling AR-
15 rifles from the Gunners.
At the time of the shooting, Regin\'s erratic behavior had drawn the attention of law enforcement, including his stay at the county sheriff\'s office in Tazewell, Illinois --time.
According to several incidents, Regin believes singer Taylor Swift is following and harassing him, including hacking into his computer and phone.
He believed that the police and his family were part of the plot, and his illusion dates back to at least August 2014.
The text between father and son, which was filed with the federal court as evidence this week, began in April 2017, just a year before the shooting, and Reinking discussed making money by selling patents. Friendly back-and-
Text messages about work and dinner continued until May 21, 2017 when Redkin told his father that he would start shutting down most of the time and that he would go to the library when he wanted to use the Internet.
\"These people are still listening and reading on my mobile phone through the Internet,\" he wrote . \".
Then, \"I don\'t want to be inadvertently told about gay things when I try to get to know other things, they keep saying stupid things like I\'m transgender, things like this.
A few minutes later, he wrote that he was \"thinking about going to the goal Stone to practice later . \". U want to come.
On May 23, 2017, Reinking wrote, \"these people told me that you signed a non-disclosure agreement to hide it from me.
Stop if you help them, no matter what price you pay.
I don\'t think you are fully aware of what these people have done to me.
These people want to kill me.
A few weeks later, his father sent him a text message about a job and he replied, \"What you do will be terrible . \".
No one warned you.
You are the kind of person who nailed Jesus to the cross.
Because of things they don\'t understand, they act out of fear.
But the next day, he sent a text message that said, \"they are a red Jeep Cherokee, which is now sold at Bell point and is sold for £ 9.
Looks pretty updated.
Reinking texted in June 23, 2017 that he was leaving the state to work, \"so you don\'t have to worry about me anymore.
In July 2017, Rakin was arrested in the United States. S.
White House Secret Service officials said he was looking for an audience with President Trump but was soon released.
There was no mention of arrest in any words.
On July 31, 2017, Reinking apologized to his father for \"venting\" and wrote, \"I feel bad if I accuse you of not being involved.
I don\'t know what to believe.
But the next day, he sent a long dirty word.
Laced growled and called his father a \"neuropathy\" and wrote, \"you actively attack me with organized crime and then are dishonest about doing so.
A week later, he sent a text message about truck insurance. On Nov.
2017, Reinking sent a message, \"Dad, I have a place out of town right now and I need to get my gun back from you.
Jeffrey Redkin deposited his son\'s rifle and pistol in his gun safe after state police withdrew Travis Redkin\'s Illinois gun owner status.
The official reason for the revocation is that he is not.
Although officials said the move was taken at the request of federal agents after the white house arrest.
The victim\'s family filed at least three separate lawsuits because Jeffrey was negligent because he returned the gun to his son.
Jeffrey Redkin\'s lawyer said in a testimony filed on Monday that a criminal investigation into the matter was under way.
But the document also says that once Travis Redkin asks for the return of his son\'s guns, Redkin does not believe he has the right to keep them.
The last text message between father and son is on November.
19,207, when Jeffrey Regin invited his son to come over for breakfast after the church.
Jeffrey Redkin said in his testimony that since then, Travis Redkin left the town and his father did not know where he was until he heard about the shooting in April.
After the attack, Travis Regin was ordered to be treated in a psychiatric hospital.
By October, mental health officials had concluded that resettlement could face charges in court, prosecutors said.
Jeffrey Ray has had several text messages with no response from his son leaving town to the shooting, including one on January.
2018, it says, \"mom and I want to know if everything is OK.
We have not heard from you.
We began to worry.
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