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Ndfeb strong magnet suction how to calculate? _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-03-28
About the magnet suction, there are many people often ask, ndfeb magnet, Powerful magnet) How big is the suction? The magnet suction can calculate? About how powerful suction formula? Magnetic ndfeb magnet itself is 640 times their own weight, which means it can carry up to 640 times their own weight. General situation, ndfeb magnet can suck up 600 times its own weight. Because of the specifications of the ndfeb magnet shape many, perforated magnets, abnormity of magnets, these have direct relationship with the suction, calculation is more complicated. Here we only list the specifications of the two simple: round and square. Example: square ndfeb magnets, brands are: N35 specifications: 30 mm & times; 15mm× 5 mm, magnet suction formula: magnet volume & times; Density & times; 600 ( Multiples) A, the density of the magnet: N35 the density is the density of about 7. 5 g/cubic centimeters, magnets, weight: volume & times; Density ( 30mm× 15mm× 5毫米) × 0. 0075 = 16. 875 grams of three, the suction of the magnet: 16. 875× 600 = 10125 grams of a 30 mm & times; therefore, 15mm× 5 mm square magnet can suck up about 10. 1 kg object. Example: 20 mm * 5 mm N35 ndfeb magnet suction = ( Radius radius 10 * 10 * 3. 14 * 5 thickness) Volume * 0. The density of 0075 * 600 times (= 7065 g G) That is to say, 20 * 5 N35 magnets can adsorption 7. 065 kilograms of objects. If your magnet size is this two specifications can be directly to use the formula to calculate, the unit is mm (note that size Mm) , not need to convert the unit. Attached to the size of permanent magnet magnetic force calculation formula of F = BILsinθ F is the magnetic field force, also called the ampere force, B is the magnetic induction intensity, I is the current in the conductor, L is the length of wire, & theta; Is B and the Angle of the wire pole magnetic field force formula: F = mH, which m for the magnetic intensity, H as the magnetic field intensity, the magnetic field generated by the magnetic intensity and distance r three inverse proportion. Above is about ndfeb strong magnet how to calculate the influence of the introduction, original editing by the magnet manufacturer, if you have the same, is plagiarism.
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