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Ndfeb strong magnet rust spots on the surface of the effective solutions

by:Newland     2020-03-26
Magnet rust spots? Magnet rusted? This kind of circumstance is mostly ndfeb magnet, also called powerful magnets ( 钕铁硼) 。 Also can you ask why produce a large number of rusty spot ndfeb magnets will rust? The analysis of the causes of ndfeb strong magnet rust spots under normal circumstances, the surface of the magnet are have a layer of plating ( , of course, also have asked ndfeb electroplating, some of the separator magnets do not need to electroplating, appearance is about ferrite) When there is no rusty spot, generally the rusty spot because it has been in higher humidity environment, the air flow degree and the working environment is very poor, need to remind my friends is the magnet should be placed in the ventilation effect is good where change has certain difference. Moreover is the electroplating time is not enough, the magnet manufacturer plating is bad is also one of the reasons, this belongs to the technological process of the problem. There is a strong magnet packing seal if damaged, also can make strong magnet oxidization, causing rust spots. Still have? B: of course. And it's important that dirt on the surface of the magnet before plating is not very good cleaning, is also one of the reasons why the rust spots. Escrow magnets like fruit, so people will keep can keep for a long time, people will not keep it didn't take long broken, bad, all is the same reason. Grinding of ndfeb magnet is rusty, rust is exposed to avoid surface and water and air. Or simply in water ( Better with alkaline, carbon dioxide is dampened) Or simply baking immediately sealed ( With oil preservation is better) Immediately after grinding, it is suggested that the ultrasonic dryer drying processing, can reduce the rust. Ndfeb strong magnet should avoid the following custody way; In too humid, the air liquidity. When temperature changes greatly, even the salt fog test qualified products long stored in the bad environment can produce rusty spot. Surface without coating, you can choose to use desiccant or vapor phase rust preventive, seal storage. Electroplating of magnet products should not be placed in high humidity places for a long time, should be placed in a cool, dry place. With the similar article recommended; Ferrite magnets are easy to rust?
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